One of the things that makes Epic’s Fortnite so relatable to the current generation is that it features and uses dance moves that are popular. However it seems that more than a few celebrities who helped popularize those dance moves aren’t too thrilled with Epic using them without their permission.


In the past we have seen the rapper 2 Milly, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Backpack Kid sue Epic for using their dance moves, and now it looks like we have another name we can add to the list in the form of the “Orange Shirt Kid”. It seems that the kid’s mom has decided to sue Epic for using her son’s dance move, known as the “Orange Justice”.

What’s a bit ironic is that in a way Epic didn’t actually “steal” this dance. What happened was that the kid submitted his dance move as part of Epic’s BoogieDown content which was a contest held to see which dance moves should be included in the game. While he did not make the cut, it seems that his dance move was so popular amongst fans of the game that a petition was started to get his dance move into the game, which it did.

Epic had also stated that part of the terms of the contest was that players who submitted their moves would not get paid, and that they had the right to use those moves for publicity of the game. That being said, we’re not sure if this lawsuit will result in anything because it has been mentioned in the past that dance moves are tricky things to copyright.

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