Apple announced its AirPower mat in September 2017. The company said at that time that the product would be released in 2018. We didn’t hear much about AirPower from Apple throughout the entire year. The lack of information led some to speculate whether Apple had quietly canceled the product. Recent reports have suggested that Apple may release the accessory soon and they’re backed up today by the Wall Street Journal.

It was previously reported that Apple was facing some development issues with AirPower which is why it had to delay the release. They must have been significant because it has taken the company over a year to sort things out. Or perhaps the product was put on the backburner while the company focused on more important things.

The scribe reports that due to “product-development challenges,” Apple delayed the release of its AirPower charging mat. These challenges have now been addressed and it’s said that Apple approved mass production of the accessory earlier this year.

If the information is accurate, it would suggest that the company might finally release the AirPower mat soon. Several other reports have also suggested a spring 2019 launch. The company has launched several new products this week such as iPads and even new AirPods. Perhaps we might see it release AirPower as well before its March 25 TV event.

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