While Apple has yet to officially confirm when its AirPower wireless charging mat will launch, there have been signs and rumors that the device could be close to launching. In fact according to MacRumors, they have discovered that within Apple’s website’s source code, there is a reference to a new image of the AirPower (pictured above).

We have not seen this photo before which means that we can only assume that it will be used when the device is launched. It also confirms that the accessory has not been canceled because why else would Apple bother creating new images for a product they don’t plan on launching, right?

Unfortunately the image doesn’t really tell us when the AirPower will be launched, but hopefully, it will be soon. What’s interesting about this image is that compared to other images in the past, this image shows the iPhone XS and the AirPods on it, with the Apple Watch having mysteriously vanished.

We’re not sure if this is an indication that the AirPower will not be capable of charging the Apple Watch or if this is just a variant of the image, but either way, we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, Apple has launched its new AirPods headphones that comes with a wireless charging case which can be recharged using the AirPower.

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