The Apple Watch currently supports LTE, but given that 5G is expected to be the future of mobile connectivity, we imagine that in the future, Apple will most likely release an Apple Watch that will support 5G, and thanks to a recently discovered patent by Patently Apple, it seems that Apple has actually patented such a device.

Of course, when exactly such an Apple Watch will make its debut remains to be seen, although speaking of 5G, Apple is expected to debut their first 5G device in 2020 in the form of the iPhone. In addition to 5G, Patently Apple also discovered another patent application for another Apple Watch feature coming in the form of a metal oxide gas sensor.

Basically, for those unfamiliar, this is a sensor designed to test the air quality in the environment. With the Apple Watch being positioned as a health device, being able to track the air quality makes sense. For example, it could tell users if the air is particularly polluted today, which could prompt people to stay home or maybe wear a mask out to prevent them from getting sick.

That being said, these are just patents which means that they don’t necessarily indicate that they will become a reality, however they are interesting and we wouldn’t mind seeing some of these features get baked into future Apple Watches.

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