Back in 2019, Apple announced that after a year or so of having announced the AirPower wireless charging mat, that the project will be cancelled. Apple did not state the reasons why the device was ultimately canned, but rumors suggested that the company might have been a bit too ambitious with their plans which led to a ton of technical issues.

Now according to YouTuber and leakster Jon Prossser, he claims that he has heard that Apple’s AirPower might actually not be completely dead, and that Apple has revived the project internally and are working on it again. Prosser notes that there is no guarantee that Apple will bring it to market, but he does note that the company isn’t giving up just yet.

His tweet claims that Apple is trying to reengineer the device and the wireless charging coils in such a way that it will be better at displacing heat (which was one of the reasons why the device was cancelled in the first place). That being said, Prosser’s tweet does not really come as a complete surprise.

Back in December last year, a patent was discovered that hinted that Apple was still toying with the idea of a wireless charging mat, but whether or not this is the rumored prototype that Apple is now working with is unclear.

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