The Apple Watch has done a great job so far of being able to pick up on heart issues, but what about other health problems? It turns out that one potential new feature coming to the Apple Watch is the ability to look out for mental health problems, such as panic attacks. This is according to Jon Prosser who recently spoke on an episode of the Geared Up podcast.

According to Prosser, it seems that one of the features of watchOS 7 is the ability to monitor the mental health of the wearer, and be able to warn the user of an impending panic attack before it even happens. This could be useful if you’re outside driving and where you will probably want to pull over somewhere safe first.

“What their biggest focus on is right now and I hope it comes this year, it might come next year, but I hope it’s coming to WWDC is mental health capabilities. Where they can take the oxygen levels in your blood with your heart rate and determine if you’re hyperventilating.” However, it seems that this could be a feature only available on the Apple Watch 6.

This is because the device is rumored to come with a blood oxygen monitor, and Apple will apparently use that to help monitor for instances of panic attacks. Prosser does caution that it is possible that the feature might only be released next year, so we’ll have to wait and see. Until then, do take it with a grain of salt.

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