A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Google had made some changes to its search tool where if you were to click on a link at the top of the search page with an excerpt, you would be taken to the page where the excerpt has been highlighted in yellow which will make it easier for you find what you were searching for to begin with.

However, what if you wanted to link someone to a portion of text in an article you were sharing? If this sounds like a useful thing to do, you might want to check out this awesome Google Chrome extension called “Link to Text Fragment”. With this extension, you can highlight portions of a text in Chrome, right click the highlighted text and select “Copy Link to Selected Text”.

This will generate a link that when you share it with someone, if they were to click on your link, it will show the website and highlight the text that you wanted to share. This would be useful if you were sharing particularly long articles or journals and just wanted to point out a portion of that article. So instead of the reader having to comb through the entire article for it, the highlighted portion will make it easier for them to see what you were talking about.

That being said, not all browsers are supported by this feature yet. For now, Google says that only Chrome browsers in version 80 and beyond are supported, and that other more mainstream browsers like Safari and Firefox have yet to implement the feature themselves. If this sounds like a feature you’d love to have, then you can download the extension here.

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