In the past, we have come across various stories of how the Apple Watch has saved a life thanks to its built-in heart rate tracking features. Now according to a new post on Reddit, it looks like another life could have potentially been saved. According to the poster, a 22-year old, his Apple Watch alerted him to an Afib despite him not showing any symptoms.

Now, according to the various comments on the thread, it seems that some users are advising him not to be too worried as a 22-year old, for the most part, should not have any heart issues and that the reading could be a false positive. However, the poster does point out that it could potentially be a problem as he could “literally feel the difference in beat intervals”.

He also pointed out that it was 48 hours and despite being tested and all signs pointing towards normal, it has been 48 hours and it still has not gone away. That being said, the comments on Reddit have been echoed by some medical professionals in the past, where some have cautioned that the Apple Watch is by no means a medical device and that its readings might not always be 100% accurate.

While we do wish the poster well and hope that there is nothing wrong, it’s hard to ignore the fact that many lives have been saved in the past thanks to our wearables, and that getting a second opinion certainly wouldn’t hurt.

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