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Google & Bing To Make It Harder To Search For Pirated Content
If you’ve ever tried to search for pirated content on the likes of Google, you might have come across instances where certain search results were removed due to a DMCA takedown request. Basically these listings would link to alleged pirate content and have been removed from the search results as per the copyright owner’s request.

Your Search History Could Be Used To Detect Lung Cancer
What you search for says a lot about you and what you might be thinking. For example constantly searching for a particular camera review could indicate your interest in purchasing it. However it seems that Microsoft’s researchers believe that what you search for could also potentially diagnose certain ailments, like lung cancer.

Microsoft’s Bing App Now Supports AMP
Nobody likes waiting, and even in today’s technological landscape where we have access to fast internet, it seems that it isn’t quite fast enough, which is why endeavors such as Facebook’s Instant Articles and Google’s AMP have launched, where clicking on a link will open up the website more or less immediately.

Microsoft Will Pay You To Use Its Edge Browser
The Microsoft Edge browser that is bundled with Windows 10 is great. It is leaps and bounds better than Internet Explorer in the sense that it is fast, but the only downside is that it still feels a bit lacking compared to other browsers like Chrome and Firefox in terms of features. In fact it seems that more than three quarters of Windows 10 users do not use Edge.


Bing For iOS Lets You Search For Images By Taking A Photo
Ever see something cool on the street that you’re wondering where it might be from? If you are, you might be interested to learn that Microsoft’s Bing for iOS app has recently been updated and has gained a nifty new feature: the ability to search for something on the web by taking a photo of it with your smartphone.

Bing Search Wave Gives You A Closer Look At Your Presidential Candidates
Tomorrow is a big day for the candidates that are in the race for the White House. It’s Super Tuesday, both parties will hold 11 state primaries and caucuses, the most on a single day during the entire campaign. Bing has added a new feature to its search engine called Search Wave. It’s powered by Bing Predicts and enables you to get an even closer look at your presidential candidates.

Bing For Android Updated
It was in November last year when we brought you word on how the Bing app for iOS has picked up a rather relevant update, where it sported a slew of new features which clearly placed it ahead of the race with the Android version, especially when one takes capabilities of the app into consideration. Well, it did not take too long – three months thereabouts, for Microsoft to even […]

Microsoft Unveils New Bing Logo, Reiterates Commitment To Search
When you tell someone to search for information online, rarely do you hear the phrase, “Go Yahoo it” or “Go Bing it”. Usually, the term used would be “Go Google it”, and with Google being such a dominant platform, one has to wonder if competing search engines should even bother trying.

Microsoft May Add Speed Test Widget To Bing Search Results
There are countless online services that allow you to check your internet speed with just one click, it couldn’t be any easier, and even if you don’t know any service you simply need to type the words “speed test” in the search engine of your choice and you will have plenty of options. It looks like Microsoft doesn’t want you to go to another site to test the internet speed, […]

Microsoft’s Bing Will Now Power AOL Search
Building a search engine from scratch isn’t easy, especially when considering that there are several companies out there like Microsoft and Google who are doing a far better job and have amassed way more experience and content. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Microsoft’s Bing search engine will now power AOL search.According to a post on Microsoft’s blog by Rik van der Kooi, “Today, […]

Bing For iPhone Has Been Overhauled
Microsoft has released a completely overhauled Bing for iPhone app today which puts the spotlight on local recommendations in a new section titled Near Me. The app shoots for a richer user experience by deep linking into content found in other applications. Some of the old features are still there like the ability to perform voice searches or search for something in particular using the camera on the device.Results with deep […]

Yahoo And Google Reach A New Search Deal
For awhile now, Yahoo has largely relied on Microsoft’s Bing to help power their search engine. However it looks like that has changed because both Yahoo and Google have recently entered in a new agreement in which the latter will now help power search results, image searches, and ad services for Yahoo.However it should be noted that this does not mean that Yahoo and Microsoft’s partnership has come to an […]

Bing Easter Egg Lets You Play Snake In The Search Results
Discovering easter eggs in software can be fun and in many ways entertaining. For example Google has a endless runner game in Chrome that gamers can play when they’re not connected to the internet, thus letting you kill some time, and now it has recently been discovered that Bing has something similar too.According to Twitter user David Flink (via Windows Central), it seems that if you search for “snake game” […]

Bing For Android Can Now Search Data Inside Other Apps
The Bing for Android app has been updated to allow users to search for data inside other applications installed on the device, this will allow users to get much more done without having to leave the app they’re currently in. It’s possible by tapping into the knowledge and action graph API for developers, so whether it’s a music or a messaging app, users won’t need to “go to search” in order […]