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Facebook To Develop AR Smart Glasses With Ray-Ban
We knew that Facebook was already working on developing augmented reality glasses as one of its key research tasks on AR/VR. However, there has been no significant progress with that line of work, until now.CNBC reported that Facebook is looking for a partnership with Ray-Ban’s parent company Luxottica. With their help, Facebook can complete the project codenamed ‘Orion’ and make the smart glasses available for consumers between 2023 to 2025 […]

Facebook Unveiled The Portal TV For $149
We recently reported about the potential launch of Facebook’s ‘Portal’ TV streaming device. Now, it has just been a day and here it is. Facebook revealed the details on the new ‘Portal’ family of devices that include a Portal Mini, the original Portal, and the new Portal TV.The Portal family lineup is going to be available for in the US and Canda. Also, it is coming to the UK, France, […]

Facebook To Launch A 'Portal' TV Streaming Device
Facebook already offers a range of Portal devices that help you make smarter video calls. However, Variety claims to have confirmed the possibility of a TV Streaming Device to join the range of Portal devices available.The device should feature a camera on board and will let you view TV or utilize Augmented Reality (AR). Even though Facebook’s spokesperson declined to comment on this matter – Variety lists out a couple […]

iOS 13 Warns Users Of A Potential Privacy Risk When Using Facebook
With the new iOS 13, there are tons of improvements to enhance privacy – starting with the sign-in option with Apple ID. Sure, when it comes to utilizing Apple’s own services on the iPhone/iPad, you should not have an issue. But, what about third-party applications like Facebook?Facebook is infamous for collecting data without users’ consent. How will the new software affect such services?While we were wondering about it – there […]


BBC Teams Up With Tech Giants To Fight Fake News Before It Spreads
While fake news and misinformation isn’t new, in this day and age of social media, it can spread a lot faster than back in the day. This has created a problem and it looks like the BBC will be working with several tech giants to help fight this problem before it spreads too far and impacts too many people.

Facebook Dating Has Been Officially Launched In The US
Last year, we caught wind that Facebook was working on a new feature for its website called Facebook Dating. The feature was launched in a handful of markets outside of the US but if for whatever reason you really wanted to take part in this feature, you’re in luck because Facebook Dating has officially launched stateside.

Facebook Introduces New Notifications To Fight Against Vaccine Misinformation
These days with social media, it’s easy to spread misinformation at a click of a button. Sometimes people do it unknowingly, but sometimes people do it on purpose, but the fact of the matter is that we need to be more careful and maybe slightly distrustful of what we read online until we can do further digging of our own.

Facebook Could Also Start Testing Hiding ‘Like’ Counts
One of the allures of social media is the validation that it gives users. “Likes” given to a post shows how many people might have seen it and given it their “approval”. It also serves as a metric of sorts where companies or individuals can use it as a way to show how big their reach is and command more money from sponsors and advertisers.

Screen Sharing Could Soon Be Coming To Facebook Messenger
When it comes to video conferencing calls, screen sharing is a feature that most would expect to see. This is because video conference would typically be used by companies where they might need to collaborate on a document or a presentation remotely, and sharing a screen is how they can go about sharing information with each other.

Facebook’s Libra Association Is Already Being Investigated By Antitrust Regulators
Following all the privacy and data-related scandals of Facebook, we’re sure that there were many who were surprised that the company was still bold enough to announce its Libra cryptocurrency which probably involves giving the social networking platform a fair amount of your trust.

Facebook Will Soon Let Users Wipe Their Web History And Stop Ad Tracking
One of the creepy features of Facebook is how it seems to be able to display ads based on things you’ve browsed for in the past. As Facebook has acknowledged, this is due to data sharing between retail websites and Facebook, where the former can share information with Facebook which would allow them to display similar and relevant ads.

Facebook Found To Have Paid Contractors To Transcribe Audio Chats Of Its Users
Facebook just can’t seem to keep themselves out of privacy scandals. In the latest report from Bloomberg, it has been revealed that Facebook has actually been paying third-party contractors to transcribe the audio chats on its users, a move which the company has confirmed and stated that they have since put on pause.

Facebook Cautions Investors That Its Libra Cryptocurrency Might Not Launch
Back in June, Facebook announced their plans for their own cryptocurrency called Libra. However, given the apprehension surrounding cryptocurrency and also Facebook’s recent data and privacy related scandals, there were some who called on Facebook not to proceed with its launch.

Scientists Have Managed To Decode Our Brain Signals Into Written Text
There are many secrets of the brain that we have yet to unlock and we imagine that we’ve probably only scratched the surface, although we are making good progress where thanks to the technology, we’re seeing more brain-controlled devices. However, it seems that in the future, we may no longer need to type out our sentences and we only need to think them.