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Google Accidentally Confirms ‘Google Home Hub’
When it comes to smart home speakers with built-in displays, Amazon’s Echo Show was kind of the first to the market, and later it was sort of followed by Google with devices like the JBL Link View which offered Google Assistant in a speaker + screen combo. Now we have heard rumors and seen renders of a Google-made device called the Google Home Hub, and now it looks like it […]

Google Assistant Now Supports More Than 10,000 Smart Home Devices
In the early days of the smartphone where it was more than just iOS and Android, companies struggled to get their platforms noticed by developers. While there was nothing wrong with those platforms, the lack of support from developers saw users stick to more popular platforms like iOS or Android.

Google Home Hub Smart Display May Arrive By October 22nd
Google has been working on an Assistant-powered smart display of its own. A recent leak suggested that this device may be called the Google Home Hub. Some images of the device were leaked online as well. It’s unclear when this product will be released but a new leak suggests that it may not be long before it becomes available for purchase.

Google Home Is Now Asking For Verbal Feedback
Voice-based digital assistants still have a long way to go. While many of them seem to more or less function fine at the moment, improvements can obviously be made, such as being able to understand various accents from non-native English speakers, being able to understand natural language, and more.


Pandora Premium Available On Google Home And Assistant Devices
Pandora’s music subscription service is available on Google Home speakers and Google Assistant-powered audio devices now. The service is called Pandora Premium and it provides subscribers with access to a vast library of tracks. It’s an on-demand music streaming service much like its rival Spotify and Apple Music.

Google Home Now Gets Smarter About Adjusting Your Lights
Smart speakers are supposed to be smart, but there are some things that AI still can’t quite grasp yet and that is context. This is why sometimes speaking to digital assistants can feel a bit unnatural, but clearly work is being done to improve on that. In fact Google Home seems to be getting better at understanding context.

Google Home Gets ‘Disable YouTube For Guests’ Feature
One of the features that comes with Google Home is the ability to recognize certain voices. This is done in order to prevent chaos. For example there are only certain commands that can be activated if the recognized voice is used, such as adding items to a grocery list. However there are also some commands that don’t require any voice recognition.

Google Home Scheduled Routines Have Been Launched
One of the features that was launched on Google Home a few months back was Routines. Basically it allowed users to group multiple commands together and execute all of them at once with a single command. For example you could say, “Good morning” and it would turn on the lights, start the coffee machine, and so on.

Nest Is Now Under The Google Home Team
Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is shuffling things around over in Mountain View. The smart home device maker Nest which previously operated as an independent entity under Alphabet will now be operating under the team responsible for Google’s Home devices. Subsequently, Nest CEO Marwan Fawaz is stepping down.

Okay Google: Best Commands for Google Home
A list of essential commands that will help you get the most out of Google Home and Google Assistant, without spending much time learning about it.

Google Home And Chromecast Are Down
If you’re facing problems with Google Home or Chromecast today, rest assured because you’re not the only one. Normal service is disrupted for many users across the globe. Google has confirmed that Google Home and Chromecast are down for “some” of its users and that it’s investigating the issue.

Google Home Can Now Speak Spanish
Google Home users who have tried speaking Spanish with Assistant may not have liked its inability to speak in the language but that’s changing starting today. Google today announced that Assistant on Google Home will now allow users to get more done in Spanish. The company gradually started rolling out Spanish support over the past few weeks and Google has now officially confirmed that support for the language is finally […]

Continued Conversation Going Live For Google Home
Google demonstrated a new feature at I/O in May this year called continued conversation which has been developed to make conversations with Google Assistant-powered devices like the Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max more natural. The feature lets users follow-up a question they have asked Assistant with another action. Google has now started rolling out continued conversation for the aforementioned devices.

Google Home Can Handle Three Queries At A Time Now
Google is improving the multitasking capability of Google Home and has enabled the device to help users get more done in less time. The company confirmed today that Google Home is now capable of performing up to three queries at a time. The company previously upgraded the Assistant-powered Google Home in December to handle up to two queries at the same time.

Google Overtakes Amazon In Smart Speaker Shipments In Q1 2018
It goes without saying that with Amazon getting a head start in the smart speaker race that it’s not surprising that they have a very sizable market share. However it seems that Google could be catching up, at least according to recent data from Canalys in which apparently Google overtook Amazon in smart speaker shipments for Q1 2018.

APK Teardown Reveals Custom Routines For Google Assistant
Just the other day Google released “Routines” for Google Assistant which was launched with a handful of presents. However according to a report from 9to5Google who did a teardown on the latest Google app, it seems that it looks like custom routines are an upcoming feature to Google Assistant that users can look forward to.

Google Home Lets You Set Location-Based Reminders On Your Phone
We know that many of us have probably set reminders on our phones, only to forget about them later. For example you might have set a reminder to pick up milk at the grocery store on your way home, but you forget. However the good news is that Google Home will change that with location-based reminders.

Google Home’s Routines Feature One Step Closer To Being Released
Last month it was reported that Google Home would be getting a new feature called Routines which acts as macros, where a single command will allow users to pull off multiple actions at once. Google did not provide any specifics as to when the feature will be released, except that it would be ready “in a few weeks”.

Survey Finds That Smart Speaker Satisfaction Is At 89%
Smart speakers appear to be the trend these days and we’ve seen many major tech companies try their hand at it, such as Google with the Google Home and more recently Apple with the HomePod, although admittedly this is all thanks to Amazon who helped kick off this trend with the launch of the Echo.

Google Home APK Teardown Hints At Group Pairing Bluetooth Speakers
The upside to using Bluetooth speakers is that they are portable and usually for the most part can be placed anywhere (those that are wired will be a bit more limited). This also means that depending on whether the speaker supports it, they can also be grouped and daisy-chained for a louder/stereo effect.