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Disney Reportedly Wants AT&T's Stake In Hulu
A new report claims that Disney is in active talks with AT&T to acquire WarnerMedia’s 10 percent stake in Hulu. This would enable the entertainment giant to further increase its control of the streaming platform. Disney has a 30 percent stake in Hulu currently and will acquire an additional 30 percent once its Fox acquisition goes through.

Hulu’s New Price Plans Are Live
Earlier this year Netflix announced that they would be hiking up their prices. This is done as Netflix is starting to invest more in original content and is looking to help recover some of those expenses. The good news is that in response to Netflix’s price hike, Hulu announced that they would actually be making their prices cheaper.

New Hulu Ad Will Appear When You Pause
Hulu may have cut the price of its ad-supported plan recently but it’s now announcing the launch of a new ad unit. Majority of its subscribers are on the ad-supported plan so ads are an important source of revenue for the streaming company. The new ad unit will come up when the user pauses whatever they’re streaming. The only good news is that it won’t be a video ad.

Hulu Price Cut To $5.99 Per Month
Not long after Netflix raised prices for all subscribers in the United States, Hulu has decided to cut the price of its base subscription plan. It currently costs $7.99 per month for the ad-supported plan and Hulu has decided to cut its price to $5.99 per month starting February 26th.


Netflix Thinks Fortnite Presents A Bigger Competition Than HBO Or Hulu
Netflix as an entertainment service that provides video streaming to their customers definitely has their fair share of competitors in the form of Amazon, Hulu, HBO, and let’s not forget Disney who is planning on launching their own service later this year. However interestingly enough, Netflix doesn’t necessarily view them as big of a competition compared to Fortnite.

Hulu Now Has Over 25 Million Subscribers
Hulu continues to create a space for itself in the crowded video streaming market. The company has announced that it now has more than 25 million subscribers. It’s a significant improvement given that this figure represents a 50 percent increase in subscribers year-over-year. The increase was largely due to the expansion of Hulu’s content library which obviously brought in a lot of new subscribers.

Hulu Now Accepts Payments Using Venmo
When it comes to making payments online, you’ve got your usual suspects such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and in some cases Apple Pay too. That is pretty much standard fare across most online platforms, however it seems that Hulu is adding a new option for users who who to pay for its services in the form of Venmo.

Apple & Hulu Had Apparently Tried To Bid On ‘Friends’ As Well
Recently it was revealed that Netflix might stop offering the “Friends” TV series in its catalogue starting in 2019, citing discussions with Warner Bros. Television as one of the reasons why they might not renew its license. However it was later revealed that the show would continue to be available through 2019.

Hulu & AT&T To Introduce Pause Ads Starting In 2019
When you’re watching a show on TV and an ad comes on, that pretty much means that it’s time for you to take a break, get up, stretch a bit, grab a snack or drink, and come back when the show starts playing again. However this also means that a lot of times, ads are running with no eyeballs on them which is a wasted opportunity.

Sci-Fi Series By George R.R. Martin Reportedly In Development At Hulu
Author George R.R. Martin has proven that he has the writing chops and stories that make for good television with HBO’s Game of Thrones, so it is easy to see why producers and networks are hoping to hoping to use more of his materials to create more shows. In fact a report from The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that we could be getting a sci-fi series from Martin on Hulu.

Hulu To Be Offered Internationally Once Disney Acquires Fox
The problem that many customers who live outside of the US find is that accessing certain media is not available in their region. A good example was Netflix who for the longest time ever was limited in terms of availability, until the company decided to expand itself to international markets.

Hulu Now Offers Starz As A Premium Add-On
Hulu is reportedly planning a move to skinnier bundles which will include options with premium add-ons. The company today announced that it’s now going to offer Starz as an add-on to its service. It will be available to subscribers in all tiers, this includes the Limited Commercials and No Commercial plans in addition to its Live TV service.

Hulu Looking Into Creating ‘Skinnier’ Live TV Bundles
The way we consume our media content these days has changed. Back in the day if you wanted to watch live shows, you’d have to turn on the TV. However nowadays we are able to watch live streams on our computers, phones, tablets, and so on, which we imagine was one of the reasons Hulu started offering live TV bundles.

Hulu Will Live Stream TV On Amazon Echo Show
Amazon Echo Show will now be able to do more than just being a visual interface for Alexa, the company’s digital personal assistant. Users will be able to make use of the device as a little TV. Hulu has announced that it’s now the first live TV streaming service to enable Echo Show owners to stream live TV on their devices.