Sprint Offers Free Hulu To Unlimited Freedom Plan Customers

It was reported a few days back that Sprint might be thinking about offering free Hulu access to customers on its unlimited plan. Sprint was apparently going to do this as a response to T-Mobile’s offer of free Netflix to its subscribers. Sprint has officially announced today that its Unlimited Freedom plan customers now get a free subscription to Hulu as an added incentive.

Sprint Could Offer Free Hulu Access To Its Unlimited Customers

A couple of months ago, T-Mobile announced that they would be giving their subscribers a free subscription to Netflix, which we can imagine will no doubt tempt customers to join the carrier’s network. However it seems that Sprint could have a counter-offer in mind in the form of free Hulu access to its unlimited customers.

Hulu Is Working On A ‘Hitman’ TV Series

While it seems that the premise of IO Interactive’s Hitman would make for a good movie plot, so far both the Hitman movies that have been released to date haven’t exactly been well-received. However it looks like third time could be the charm because according to a report from Deadline, a live-action Hitman TV series is currently being developed by Hulu.

Hulu Becomes The First Major Streaming Service For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners who have been waiting for a major streaming service to launch its app for their console will be pleased to find out that Hulu has become the first major streaming service for Nintendo’s console. Hulu confirmed today that it’s the first major U.S. streaming entertainment service to launch an app for Nintendo Switch.


Hulu’s Cheapest Streaming Plan Is Even Cheaper Now

Hulu has decided to cut the price of its cheapest streaming plan for a limited time. This particular plan includes commercials so you will have to put up with ads. According to a new report, Hulu is taking this step because it wants to further increase its subscriber base as it gears up to launch new original content this fall. Hulu did offer a similar deal for new subscribers in […]

Hulu Live TV Service Adds The CW

Hulu has announced that it has added the fifth largest broadcast network to its standalone online TV streaming service. Aimed at cord cutters, Hulu’s Live TV service already offers Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC. The CW will soon be available for live streaming on Hulu’s over-the-top internet TV streaming service.

Hulu Live TV Service Gets Support For Web Browsers

Hulu’s Live TV streaming service has so far been available on mobile devices and set-top boxes. It wasn’t possible to just fire up your web browser on a PC or Mac and stream live TV on Hulu. That’s possible starting today as Hulu’s Live TV service now has support for web browsers on PC and Mac.

Hulu Live TV Arrives On Amazon Fire TV

Hulu subscribers who own an Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick will be interested in this latest development. Hulu’s Live TV beta is now available on the aforementioned devices alongside iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox One, and Chromecast devices on which it has been available for a couple of months now. It has also released an updated user interface for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick which […]

NBCUniversal Channels Confirmed For Hulu’s Live TV Streaming Service

Hulu confirmed several months ago that it’s going to launch a standalone live TV streaming service. The company has since been working on this service and has been inking agreements with channel owners to bring more content to the service. Hulu has officially confirmed today that NBCUniversal channels are going to be a part of its standalone live TV streaming service.

Hulu Live TV Streaming Service Price May Be $39.99

Hulu confirmed several months back that it’s working on a standalone online TV streaming service that will enable people to cut the cord and pay a set fee every month without any contracts to watch live TV on any device that they want. It hasn’ revealed more details about the service since then, so while we wait for the official word on how many networks it’s going to support, a […]

Hulu’s Live TV Service Will Offer DVR, Real-Time Alerts, And More

Hulu confirmed several months back that it’s going to launch its very own standalone online TV streaming service. It has since been revealing more information about the new service in bits and pieces. It has now posted some details about the new service on its marketing website where it’s taking sign-ups from people who are interested in trying out Hulu’s live TV offering. The features that it’s going to offer […]

Hulu TV Streaming Service Gets A&E Channels, Misses Viacom Networks

Hulu confirmed a couple of months back that it’s also building a standalone TV streaming service that’s going to be launched in the spring this year. Hulu has now announced a new partnership with A+E Networks which will bring six of its channels to the service which include the likes of Lifetime, A&E, History, and Viceland. A new report suggests that Hulu’s TV streaming service is going to miss out […]

T-Mobile Strikes At AT&T With Free Year Of Hulu

T-Mobile likes to take the fight to its rivals and this time it has AT&T in its sights. The latter recently launched its standalone online TV streaming service DirecTV Now which brought in 200,000 subscribers soon after launch even though it has been plagued with bugs and issues. Playing off of the bad reviews that DirecTV Now has been receiving, T-Mobile has decided to offer a free year of Hulu […]

Hulu Offline Playback Arrives Soon

Hulu has not been opposed to the idea of allowing its subscribers to download movies and TV shows for viewing offline. However, it didn’t really confirm when this crucial feature will be rolled out. We now know when it’s going to do that. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins has confirmed that the offline playback feature is going to be made available to all subscribers soon. It’s a rough timeframe but at […]