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The Eon Board Will Give Any Skateboard A Motor
Do you think that your skateboard isn’t fast enough? Maybe you wanted something like a hoverboard or a Segway but in the form of a skateboard? If you do, there is a project on Kickstarter for something called the Eon Board that will be able to deliver just that, which is basically through motorizing your skateboard.

Samsung-backed IOFIT Smart Golf Shoes Launches On Kickstarter
So we have things like smartphones, smartwatches, smart home appliances, so why not smart shoes? To be fair, smart shoes aren’t exactly new. Some of you guys might recall that several years ago, Nike and Apple teamed up where users could insert a little chip into their running shoes and pair that with an iPhone app, but obviously technology has come a long way since.

Superbook Transforms Your Android Smartphone Into A Laptop Many of us like to purchase different accessories for our smartphones and if you would like to get more out of your Android handset, perhaps you might want to consider purchasing the Superbook accessory. It’s basically a dock that’s capable of transforming any Android handset into a laptop.

Kickstarter Has Managed To Create Over 300,000 Jobs
Every now and then we cover projects launched on Kickstarter. The benefits to projects on Kickstarter is that instead of a group of people deciding whether or not a product is viable, it is left to the public whom the product will be sold to. Successfully funded projects are usually a sign that yes, this is something the people want.


This Wireless Charger Will Also Levitate Your Phone At The Same Time
Wireless chargers aren’t new, and for the most part they’re pretty boring. Granted they are wireless, but the fact that you need a charging mat/base kind of kills it. While we’re still waiting on “true” wireless charging tech to become mainstream, if you’re in the market for an alternative then perhaps OvRcharge might be worth checking out.

Amazon Creates A Store Specifically For Kickstarter Products
With so many projects being launched and funded on Kickstarter, it would be hard to keep up with what was funded and what hasn’t. Sure, you could trawl Kickstarter’s website, but Amazon has decided to make your life a bit easier by creating a dedicated storefront in partnership with Kickstarter that is aimed at displaying Kickstarter products.

‘Impossible Things’ Is A Movie Written By Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is capable of many things, and now it looks like AI could potentially given screenwriters a run for their money. There is a movie that has been launched on Kickstarter called “Impossible Things”, and while movies seeking funding isn’t exactly new, what makes this project so unique is that the script was co-written by AI.

The Glif Turns Your Smartphone Into A Proper Recording Device
Our smartphones are becoming increasingly capable of taking photos and videos, but sometimes it could always use a little help with some accessories that will take it to the next level. Enter the Glif, a Kickstarter project for a smartphone tripod mount that will be able to turn your smartphone in an actual proper recording device.

Gemio Band Uses Lights To Connect Friends Offline
Gemio today introduced a new kind of wearable device that uses millions of colors of light, special effects and vibrations to connect friends offline. The Gemio Band brings a new level of interactivity and style to concerts, events and festivals. It has a panel of LED lights that create countless colors and patterns controlled through the MyGemio app, music, movement and touch.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow Analyzes Your Sleep, Plays Music, Stops Your Snoring
If you’re looking to track your sleeping patterns, your phone is capable of doing that. You also have fitness wearables that can do that as well. However if the idea of leaving your phone so close to your head while you sleep doesn’t sit well with you, or if you don’t like having something on your wrist while you sleep, then the ZEEQ smart pillow might be for you.

This Smart Tape Measure Doesn’t Actually Have Any Tape
We’re sure at some point in time we all have used a tape measure, whether it be to measure boxes we want to transport, or the size of a couch to know whether or not it will fit in our living rooms, or even if we’ve just played around with it just to see the tape recoil and spring back into its container.

Ilumi Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Its LED Smartstrip
Several years ago we reported on a company called iLumi. The company had launched a connected LED light bulb then that was similar to the Philips Hue in the sense that users could control the device with a smartphone app and could also change its color according to the user’s preference.

The Pakayak Is A Kayak That Can Transform Into A Backpack
Have you ever wanted to pack a kayak on your back and basically go kayaking anywhere and anytime you want? Chances are not many of us would do that, but for kayaking enthusiasts who are looking for an easier way of transporting their kayaks, there’s a solution for you and it is in the form of the Pakayak.

hearO Are Old Tennis Balls That Are Repurposed Into Bluetooth Speakers
Have you ever wondered what they do with all the old and used up tennis balls during matches? Sometimes they are thrown away which is kind of a waste, but Richard Moss has a better idea, which is to take those tennis balls and give them a new lease on life by turning them into Bluetooth speakers.