Microsoft is the company behind software like Windows, Microsoft Office and hardware like the Xbox and Kinect. The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. MS-DOS was the product that propelled Microsoft towards success, but it is Windows and Office that made it what it is today. Microsoft is currently engaged in a number of projects, including Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox, Office and the Azure cloud computing platform. the large majority of desktop computers run on Windows.

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Microsoft’s Surface Duo Is Now Available For Purchase, But It Won’t Be Cheap
Last year, Microsoft announced their dual screen Android smartphone, the Surface Duo. For those who have been eagerly anticipating the device, you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has finally made the handset available for order, although at a price point of $1,399, it will not come cheap.

Apple Will Finally Allow Game Streaming Services To Run On iOS...With A Catch
A couple of years ago, Valve attempted to launch its Steam Link app on the iPhone, but it was rejected. For those who are unfamiliar, Steam Link was basically a game streaming app that allowed gamers to stream Steam games from their accounts to their mobile devices. Apple cited App Store guideline violations as a reason why they rejected the app.

Xbox Game Pass For PC Will Be Doubling Its Price Soon
Last year, Microsoft expanded on the Xbox Game Pass where they brought it onto the PC. The service has kind of been in beta since then where Microsoft charged customers $4.99 to access it, which is actually a pretty good deal. The bad news is that it looks like the company will be increasing the price and doubling it.

The Xbox Series S Will Have A Faster CPU Than The PS5
Microsoft recently unveiled its Xbox Series S console. Priced at $299, it is one of Microsoft’s cheapest consoles to date, especially for a next-gen console, and if you were worried about performance, it seems that you might not need to worry too much. This is because according to The Verge’s Tom Warren, it will be faster than the PS5.


Microsoft Will Make Owning An Xbox Series X Easier
Microsoft recently confirmed the pricing of the Xbox Series S and Series X at $299 and $499 respectively. For the most part, the Series S is relatively affordable, but the Series X is a bit more pricey, especially in these trying times. So what does this mean for gamers who wish to own the more expensive version of the console?

Xbox Series S Will Support Storage Expansion
The other day, Microsoft confirmed the Xbox Series S console. The console will be priced at $299 and one of the ways Microsoft managed to get the price down is by reducing the storage capacity of the console. Instead of coming with 1TB of storage, it will come with 512GB of storage, which might not be enough for some.

Microsoft Could Be Making A More Affordable Surface Laptop
Microsoft’s Surface Laptops don’t exactly come cheap, but for those who love the Surface brand and would love to get their hands on a Surface Laptop that’s more affordable, you could be in luck. According to a report from Windows Central, they have heard from their sources that Microsoft is apparently developing a more affordable Surface Laptop.

Xbox Series S Will Be One Of Microsoft’s Cheapest Consoles To Date
In addition to launching the Xbox Series X, Microsoft will also be launching the Xbox Series S. This will be a cheaper version of the Series X, although at this point in time, we’re not sure what the differences between the consoles are, but if you’re on a budget, then you might be pleased to learn that the Series S will only cost you $299.

Latest Windows 10 Update Bug Could Destroy Your SSD
Updates are meant to be good things where they are expected to introduce improvements, new features, and bug fixes. However, Microsoft’s recent Windows 10 updates seem to be introducing more bugs than it fixes. In fact, the latest update for Windows 10 has revealed a new bug that could be slowly destroying your SSD.

Walmart Wants TikTok As Well
Unless TikTok can find a US buyer for the company, it faces the possibility of being banned outright. To date, Microsoft is the frontrunner in a bid to acquire the company, but it seems that Walmart is now interested as well, although in this case, they might actually want to work with Microsoft to acquire the company.

You Can Now Pre-Order Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War For The Xbox
A couple of weeks ago, Activision announced the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise in the form of Black Ops Cold War. For gamers who might be interested in checking out the game, you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has since announced that the game is actually now available for pre-order and pre-download for the Xbox consoles.

Microsoft Word Can Now Transcribe Audio
Reporters and journalists rely on audio recording tools and gadgets especially during press events or interviews. This allows them the chance to go back and listen to the recordings and write things down, but it can be a bit tedious especially if the interview is long, and rewinding and forwarding can take up a lot of time.

Internet Explorer 11 Support Will End In 2021
When Microsoft launched Windows 10, they introduced a new browser designed to replace Internet Explorer in the form of Edge. For those who might still be using Internet Explorer, for whatever reasons, you might want to take note that the company has recently announced that support for Internet Explorer 11 will be coming to an end in August 2021.

4K Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Could Be Launching Soon
Want to connect your laptop to a TV but don’t want to deal with the hassles of dragging cables? If you do, you may or may not have heard of the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. For those who haven’t, this is basically an adapter for your TV (or monitor) that gives it wireless capabilities that you can then connect a Windows computer to.