Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Announced

In case hybrid devices like the Surface Pro aren’t really for you and you’re still hankering for a “proper” laptop, then you’ll be interested to learn that Microsoft has since announced its latest Windows 10 laptop in the form of the Surface Laptop 2, the successor to last year’s Surface Laptop.

Microsoft Launches Noise-Cancelling Surface Headphones

Microsoft is a company known primarily for their software such as Windows and Office, and to a certain extent hardware as well, such as with their Surface lineup of computers and tablets. However it seems that Microsoft is now branching into audio devices as the company has officially announced the Surface Headphones.

Windows 10 Lets Users Mirror Their Android Phones On Their Computer

There is a reason why there are many mobile apps that are now offering desktop counterparts. This is because switching between our phones and desktops can be distracting and can take away from our focus, however as much as we would like, not all mobile apps are readily available on the desktop just yet.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Officially Announced

When it comes to all-in-one (AIO) desktop systems, there are plenty of options out there. However if you wanted an AIO system that could also double as a massive drawing tablet, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has officially announced the Surface Studio 2, which Microsoft is claiming to be the most powerful Surface device they’ve ever built.


Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Unveiled In New Matte Black Finish

If a sleek and stealthy black looking Surface device was something you’ve always thought that Microsoft should have launched, you might have been excited when you saw the leak of a black Surface tablet. The good news is that the leaks are accurate because Microsoft has since officially unveiled its new Surface Pro 6 tablet which now comes in a matte black finish.

Microsoft Accidentally Confirms Black Surface Models

Some renders appeared online a couple of weeks ago suggesting that the company could release new Surface models in black color. It first launched the “VaporMG” black color for the Surface RT almost six years ago. Many customers would be delighted to see the return of this hue for Surface devices and now the company appears to have confirmed accidentally that it’s going to do just that.

How To Create And Edit Microsoft Word Documents Online

Once upon a time, editing a Word document – or any text file for that matter – online was quite the painstaking process, that often led to using a subscription-based platform. Now though – or for the last few years, to be precise -, a wide range of practical free options are available, some of which have been developed by major tech companies. In this tutorial, we are going to […]

Microsoft’s New Surface Products May Not Have USB-C Ports

Microsoft has an event scheduled for next week where it’s going to unveil new Surface products said to include the Surface Laptop 2 and the Surface Pro 6. It has been widely assumed that these devices would come with USB Type-C ports as one would expect in this day and age but a new report suggests that this may not be the case. Both the Surface Laptop 2 and Surface […]

Excel For Android Can Convert Pictures Into Spreadsheets

Scanning documents using our phones is pretty easy and straightforward, and it is also possible to scan text to make it into an editable copy. However for those dealing with spreadsheets, you might be interested to learn that Microsoft’s Excel productivity app for Android could soon be able to scan images of data tables and converts them into an editable spreadsheet.

Fortnite Xbox One S Bundle Announced

The other day Nintendo announced a Fortnite Battle Royale Switch bundle. The bundle included the console, 1,000 V-Bucks (in-game currency used by Fortnite), and also addition in-game items such as a unique character outfit, glider, pickaxe, and back bling. For non-Switch gamers feeling a bit left out, not to worry as Microsoft has announced their own bundle too.

Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Keyboard & Mouse Support With Razer

For a while now we have been hearing that Microsoft is looking to bring keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox One. The good news is that it looks like the wait could soon be over because in an announcement on its Xbox website, Microsoft has confirmed that support will be coming soon as well as a partnership with Razer.

Microsoft Office 2019 Launched For Windows And Mac

Microsoft has officially released Office 2019 for Windows and Mac today. It largely includes features that the company has added to its Office 365 service over the past few years. Office 2019 is thus geared towards those individual and business customers who have yet to subscribe to Office 365. It brings updates for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project, Publisher, Access, and Visio.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Launch Now Set For Q2 2019

Microsoft unveiled the successor to its massive digital whiteboard called Surface Hub a few months back. It initially said that the Surface Hub 2 would be out at some point in 2019. The company’s release timeframe for this product is now a bit more precise. Microsoft has said that it’s going to launch the Surface Hub 2 in the second quarter of next year.

Microsoft Releases OneDrive Files On-Demand For Mac

Microsoft’s OneDrive Files On-Demand feature is now available for users on macOS. The company today confirmed that it’s bringing OneDrive Files On-Demand to the rival operating system. This feature is available starting today for OneDrive beta testers.