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TCL 6-Series Roku TVs Available This May
TCL today announced that its new 6-Series Roku TVs will be available for purchase in the United States by May 1st. The new TVs were first announced earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018. This lineup of affordable 4K TVs has been anticipated for quite some time now so it’s good that potential customers finally know when they will be able to pick one up.

BlackBerry KEYone Successor Reportedly In The Works
Earlier this year the BlackBerry KEYone was released. While BlackBerry releases new phones every now and then, what made the KEYone different is the fact that it is made by TCL, the first phone made by the company ever since BlackBerry decided to call it quits on the hardware business.

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition Launch Confirmed
#IFA2017 – The BlackBerry KEYOne Black Edition was recently launched as an exclusive in India. It was confirmed several weeks later that AT&T will be carrying this handset exclusively in the United States, Prior to that, Sprint was the only carrier selling BlackBerry’s latest TCL-made handset. The company has now confirmed that it’s going to launch an updated BlackBerry KEYOne in more markets across the globe.

Vertu's Expensive Phones Will Now Have TCL Technology
You may have heard of China-based TCL. It produces and sells smartphones under the Alcatel and Turing brands. It’s also the exclusive contract manufacturer for BlackBerry-branded devices. The company also produces TVs for Samsung, owns the Palm brand, and co-brands TVs with Roku. It has now entered into a new partnership with luxury mobile phone brand Vertu to supply it with smartphone technology.


BlackBerry KEYOne Display Separation Issue Being Addressed
You might have read recently that YouTuber JerryRigEverything put BlackBerry Mobile’s new handset, the BlackBerry KEYOne, through his stringent durability tests and found that the display comes off rather easily. Apparently, that’s because there’s not much adhesive being used to hold the display in place. BlackBerry Mobile has now sent out a statement revealing that it’s an issue being faced only by a small number of KEYOne owners and that […]

Pre-Order 4K HDR TCL Roku TVs This Month
Roku today announced that the first 4K high-dynamic range (HDR) Roku TVs with Dolby Vision will be available for pre-order soon in the United States. These TVs were first announced by TCL back at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in January this year. Roku promises that these TVs are going to deliver a premium picture quality at a very compelling price point.

BlackBerry KEYOne U.S. Release Date Confirmed
We’ve known since late last year that TCL has developed a BlackBerry-branded smartphone that runs Android and features a full QWERTY keyboard. This handset was officially announced a couple of months back and now the company has finally confirmed when it’s going to be released in the United States. TCL first unveiled the BlackBerry KEYOne properly at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in February this year.

Two New BlackBerry Phones Might Be On The Way
BlackBerry is no longer making its own smartphones. It has signed a global licensing agreement with TCL which gives the Chinese company the rights to manufacture and sell BlackBerry-branded smartphones. It officially announced one such device at the Mobile World Congress 2017 called the BlackBerry KEYone. According to a new report, TCL might have two additional BlackBerry phones on the way.

BlackBerry KEYone Official: Price, Specs, And Release Date
BlackBerry announced not too long ago that it has signed away the global licensing rights to its brand to China’s TCL. What this means is that BlackBerry will no longer be making its own smartphones. TCL is going to develop, manufacture, and sell BlackBerry-branded handsets in most markets across the globe. TCL showed off its first BB device earlier this year at CES 2017 codenamed BlackBerry Mercury and has made […]

New BB10 Devices Not In The Pipeline: BlackBerry
It has been a long time since BlackBerry launched a smartphone powered by its own BlackBerry 10 operating system. Despite making a big deal out of the BB10 OS launch a couple of years ago, the company was unable to win over customers from Android and iOS and ended up making Android smartphones. It has long been speculated that no new BB10 devices will be released and BlackBerry itself confirmed […]

TCL Confirms BlackBerry Mercury Without Actually Confirming Anything
Since BlackBerry will no longer make its own smartphones it has signed an exclusive agreement with TCL enabling the Chinese company to manufacture and sell handsets under its iconic brand. The much-rumored BlackBerry Mercury is the first TCL-made BB and the company was teasing it prior to the Consumer Electronics Show 2017. TCL has confirmed the BlackBerry Mercury today without actually confirming anything of substance.

BlackBerry Mercury Image Leaked
TCL has been teasing a new device launch over the past week. In case you didn’t hear, it’s now going to be exclusively making and selling devices under the BlackBerry label. The Canadian company will no longer be making its own handsets. TCL’s first flagship BlackBerry since this deal is going to be unveiled at CES 2017 this week. An image of the device, known as BlackBerry Mercury right now, […]

BlackBerry Hamburg Manufacted By TCL Shows Up Online
A couple of years ago, BlackBerry announced that it was outsourcing manufacturing of mid-range smartphones to contract manufacturers in a bid to save its ailing smartphone business. Rumor has it that the company is working with TCL Corporation for the mid-range Hamburg smartphone and now a TCL-made BlackBerry Hamburg has surfaced online, suggesting that this partnership is indeed real.

TCL's 4K Roku TVs Are Now Available
Back at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in January, Roku announced that it was working with TV manufacturers to come out with relatively inexpensive 4K TVs that were powered by its smart TV platform. The first models made in partnership with Insignia have already been announced earlier this month and now the models created with TCL are finally available for purchase.