Exynos 7420 Chipset Benchmarked
It has been said that there are several variants of Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S6, which will run with the Exynos 7420 chipset underneath the hood. Well, what do we know of the Exynos 7420 chipset? This chipset has more or less gone through the wringer over at Geekbench, where the single-core score which was racked up touched the 1,520 figure, while the multi-core tally managed to hit […]

Alcatel OneTouch Smart Control Arrives At The FCC
Alcatel has introduced their plans to introduce a small and wireless button which is known as the OneTouch RC20 Smart Control. This unique device happens to be a small and wireless button which you can make use of as a remote control, allowing it to be able to control a bunch of functions on a smartphone. Having arrived at the FCC earlier this week, the user manual points out that […]

LG G4 MWC 2015 Announcement Unlikely
Mobile World Congress is usually when quite a few manufacturers show off their new smartphones. HTC has already lined up an event on March 1st and Samsung is reportedly going to show off the Galaxy S6 on March 2nd. One would have expected LG to show off its new flagship at the event as well but apparently that’s not the case. A Korean publication claims to have heard from an […]

NSA Had Its Eye On Sony Hackers Long Before They Struck
Towards the end of last year one of the biggest stories that made international headlines was the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack. The U.S. government was quick to point its finger towards North Korea for the cyberattack even though the supremely isolated country denied the allegation repeatedly. Many questioned just how the FBI had reached this conclusion, with some security experts saying that it may have been a total inside job, […]


Another Microsoft Spartan Browser Image Leaked
Later this month Microsoft is due to show off the consumer version of Windows 10. It has been reported multiple times already that the new operating system is also going to bring a completely new web browser known right now by its codename “Spartan.” Internet Explorer wouldn’t go anywhere it seems but Spartan will be a new offering that has support for extensions and a minimal, cleaner user interface.

Harman Kardon Omni Bar Delivers Wireless Audio
As we continue to make the march in the direction of a wireless lifestyle, ranging from wireless charging to wireless audio, here is a solution in the latter category from Harman, where it will be known as the Harman Kardon Omni Bar. The Harman Kardon Omni Bar happens to be an innovative 2.1-channel soundbar which will come with a high-performance wireless subwoofer, allowing it to deliver a rich audio experience […]

Samsung SUHD Smart TV Lineup
CES is always about bigger, crispier and smarter screens and since 3D has been long gone, manufacturers need to rely on higher resolution, fancy form factors (curved) and next generation software to convince consumers to buy new TVs on a regular basis.So what better than a new marketing term to define imaging excellence and hopefully boost the sales?When I asked Bill Lee, Vice President, CBD – Product Marketing TV, Samsung […]

Lenovo ThinkPad T450/T550 Laptops
While some business users might appreciate owning a laptop that is slim and light, there are those who just travel way too frequently or go to locations where ruggedness might be prioritized. Well if you consider yourself such a user, you might be pleased to learn that for CES 2015, Lenovo has announced the ThinkPad T450 and the ThinkPad T550.

Haier Unveils 105” LED and 55” OLED Curved TVs
The leading Korean manufacturers have been introducing curved TVs for some time now, LG being the first one to create such a home entertainment device back in January 2013. Today at CES 2015, the chinese brand Haier is announcing its own 105” curved LED TV and 55” curved OLED TV, we have not seen them yet but we will make sure to stop by the booth to check the image […]

Kim Dotcom Claims To Have Saved Christmas
Both Sony and Microsoft have their very own battles to worry about, especially when it comes to resuming their respective online gaming services over Christmas Eve and Christmas. The Grinch might have spoiled Christmas for gamers this year, but Kim Dotcom does look as though he has positioned himself to be a savior of sorts, touting to have stopped the outage single-handedly. The question that begs to be answered would […]

Uber's CEO Lands Into Legal Trouble In South Korea
Uber has a great idea which is to allow people who need a ride to get one anytime and anywhere, as opposed to having to rely on public taxis all the time. The concept is great and for many who have used their service, they can probably tell you many great things too, although the company has recently come under fire from taxi operators around the world.Well it looks like […]

Star Wars Crossguard Lightsaber Gets Wicked Lasers Treatment
The first look at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer certainly set tongues a-wagging’, especially when it came to the cute little ball-like droid that rolled along the desert landscape, as well as the red crossguard lightsaber which obviously belongs to someone who practices the Sith way of the Force. Well, while this world has not come up with its working version of a lightsaber just yet (which would […]

Minecraft Creator Purchases Mansion For $70 Million
Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator of the insanely popular game Minecraft, has set a new record this time around – although it has nothing much to do with the gaming community, but touches on real estate instead. Basically, Notch has picked up a mansion in swanky area that we all know and love as Beverly Hills, California, for a whopping $70 million.

Facebook Tests Out New Android App UI
Could Facebook be testing out a brand new user interface when it comes to its official Android application? Apparently so, as Facebook looks as though they are gradually flicking the switch on for a server-side change to kick in, that will allow the app to enjoy a somewhat Material Design flavor. Earlier in the month of October, Google Now received a new Material Design makeover, and this looks set to […]