With the possibility of Apple unleashing a TV upon the world starting to gain a bit more ground, thanks in part of a quote by Steve Jobs in his biography by Walter Isaacson, a Flickr user by the name of Guilherme Schasiepen has taken the liberty to draw up a concept image of what Apple’s TV could look like, along with some features we may or may not be seeing.

The Apple iTV, as he has dubbed it, appears to have been inspired by several Apple products, namely the Apple Cinematic Display, the iPad, and if you think about it, it does resemble the MacBook Pro’s monitor. Either way it looks sleek and elegant and seems to be more or less keeping to the theme of Apple’s product designs.

Now based on the photo above, it seems that Guilherme has decided that the iTV should feature Siri control, iCloud, AirPlay, HD FaceTime, glasses-free 3D and Full HD, iTV specific apps and multitouch. Seems like a dream device, and we would definitely love to see those features make its way onto the actual product, but for now we’ll have to be content with these images instead.

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