We’ve seen various torture tests conducted on the Apple Watch and for the most part, it’s really just to see how much of a beating the device can take before it stops working. However the folks at FullMag have no such interest and are out for some wanton gadget destruction as they put the Apple Watch through a series of “tests”.


These “tests” basically sees the Apple Watch being shot at by a 50 calibre bullet, frozen and shattered in pieces after being dipped in liquid nitrogen, and last but not least gets blown up in a hydrogen explosion. Will Apple Watch users come across any of these situations? We doubt it, but at the same time watching it get destroyed so needlessly and senselessly is oddly enjoyable.

For those wondering why these videos look familiar, it is because FullMag is a YouTube channel that previously went by the name RatedRR. Previous videos by them include blowing up a Mac Pro with C4,  shooting an NVIDIA Shield console with a Mossberg 64 rifle, and dipping the iPhone 6 in liquid nitrogen before shattering it with a hammer.

That being said it’s safe to say that in all these tests, including the recent ones involving the Apple Watch, none of the devices survived. In any case if you have a few minutes to spare and want to see the Apple Watch tortured beyond recognition, then check out the videos above and below. Enjoy!

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