The thing with patents is that you never know if the patent was created for companies to protect their ideas, or if it is actually something they are working on. Earlier this year, a patent from 2018 was discovered in which Apple filed for a patent for an Apple Watch that comes with Touch ID built into the digital crown.

Like we said, with patents it’s hard to tell what will become a reality, but it seems that this one will. This is according to a couple of report from iUpdate and The Verifier, both of whom are claiming that Touch ID will be coming to the Apple Watch, and that there are a couple of ways that Apple is exploring this.

One of the approaches is that just like the patent, Apple could embed the Touch ID sensor into the digital crown of the watch. The other approach, which could lend credence to an in-display Touch ID sensor for the iPhone, is that Apple could be looking to embed Touch ID into the display of the watch itself.

As it stands, the Apple Watch still relies on a PIN code to authenticate the user. However, once authenticated, the watch will not necessarily ask for the PIN again as long as the user keeps wearing the watch. By adopting Touch ID, Apple could create a more robust security system for the Apple Watch for use in services like Apple Pay. Needless to say that this should be taken with a grain of salt, but we’ll have to wait until later in the year before we can find out if these reports pan out.

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