Last year, much to everyone’s disappointment, Apple officially announced that their AirPower wireless charging mat will no longer be happening. The company did not dive into details about the reasons why, but leading up to the announcement, there were reports that Apple was having technical issues with it due to the device overheating.

However, according to a tweet by Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, he claims that there is a chance that Apple could be working on a fix by introducing the use of the A11 chipset to manage the device’s heat. Prosser claims that Apple engineers have been receiving a prototype of a device called “C68” and are being asked to develop software communication between devices that will use the A11 chipset to “dynamically manage heat”,

While the AirPower was not explicitly mentioned, Prosser attached an image in his tweet that seems to show a very blurry image of what looks like the AirPower. According to Prosser, one of the reasons why the mat would overheat is because the Apple Watch uses a different charging system compared to the iPhone, and when placed together with an iPhone, that’s when the mat would overheat.

Prosser had previously tweeted that the AirPower project was not completely dead and that Apple has revived it. However, he had also noted that it does not mean that the AirPower will be relaunching, but rather it seems that Apple has not completely given up on it yet.

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