Last week, it was reported that South Korea was very close to passing a new law that would effectively force Apple and Google to accept third-party payments in their app stores. It seemed like a done deal back then, but now according to the latest reports, the passing of the bill has since been delayed.

What’s interesting is that there was no mention as to why that particular bill has been delayed. The agenda for the National Assembly mentions other bills except for this one, and it also seems that a new date for the voting on the bill has yet to be set.

The implications would have been huge had this bill been passed. For about a decade, Apple and Google have run their own app stores the way they see fit, with developers having little choice but to agree with the 30% cut that Apple and Google takes from app sales and in-app purchases.

In more recent times, developers such as Epic have since sued Apple over the 30% cut, and there have been talks that other governments were considering similar bills. Apple has since tried to appease the public by announcing some changes to its policies, where developers can now advertise alternate purchase methods, which some argue is still not good enough.

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