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Lexar Weighs In With Slew Of USB 3.0 Drives
[CES 2015] Lexar is a trusted name when it comes to flash memory products, and we have seen them reveal a bunch of new USB 3.0 drives over at CES that will expand their JumpDrive family even more. The performance enhanced JumpDrive USB 3.0 flash drives would include the likes of the Lexar JumpDrive P20, JumpDrive S75, JumpDrive S55, JumpDrive S35, and JumpDrive S25 flash drives. Just what kind of […]

Gigabyte P37X: World’s Lightest 17.3” Gaming Laptop
[CES 2015] It is all about glitz and glamor over in Las Vegas, and hence, it is no surprise to see Las Vegas host CES each year, delivering what is deemed to be the latest and greatest technologies around. Having said that, Gigabyte too, would like to take the opportunity to announce the Gigabyte P37X which is touted to be the lightest 17.3″ gaming laptop in the world in its […]

Polaroid L Series Tablets Look To Deliver Average Android Tablet Experience
[CES 2015] The name Polaroid itself would conjure up memories of instant photographs, and we are pleased to know that the company is still hanging around. Having said that, they have since made the shift to expanding their hardware offerings to the masses, and Android-powered tablets is not a market taboo to them. In fact, their L series tablet range has just been enhanced with a couple of new models, […]

Lenovo A6000: Entry Level Smartphone Comes With LTE And Dual SIM
[CES 2015] This year’s edition of CES has seen Lenovo roll out its fair share of “winners”, so to speak, including the LaVie Z convertible laptop and a couple of tablets among others. Well, out of all that, apparently one particular smartphone went about unnoticed – the Lenovo A6000. Judging by its hardware specifications, this would more or less be an entry level device, running on a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon […]


Dynamic Hopes E-Ink Displays Could Secure Credit Cards Further
[CES 2015] Credit cards are extremely useful modes of payment, although there is the never ending battle against credit card fraud. Still, many security measures have been taken over the years to ensure that credit cards are safer than ever before to use, such as introducing a smart chip, but more can always be done. Dynamic Inc. intends to look to deliver what they call “interactive functionality” to its credit […]

Toshiba Virtual Dressing Room Lets You Try Virtually Unlimited Dresses
[CES 2015] Mirrors are especially useful if you would want to prepare yourself for a night out. After all, a mirror is the perfect tool to help you see whether what you put on matches – essential if you are going to meet that dreamy date of yours. Not only that, they also let you double check as to whether you have anything stuck between your teeth or not. Having […]

Alcatel To Sell Devices Straight To US Consumers
[CES 2015] It seems that Alcatel is not only content to introduce several new additions to their lineup to the masses over at this year’s CES, such as the Alcatel OneTouch watch and OneTouch POP family of smartphones, it has been announced as well that these devices will be sold straight to consumers over in the US – with the use of e-commerce channels, of course. Alcatel intends to sell […]

LG G Flex 2 Benchmarks
While playing with the LG G Flex 2 at CES, we had a chance to run some benchmarks of the first Snapdragon 810 to be launched. Snapdragon 810 is a 64-bit SoC (system on a chip) which has 8 CPU cores (4 big A57, 4 small A53) setup in a big.LITTLE configuration running at 1.56 GHz. In this implementation of big.LITTLE, all cores can be active any once, so the […]

Sennheiser SPORTS Headphones Target The Active People
[CES 2015] So, all of the gluttony during the recent holiday season is about to come home to roost in the battle for middle earth – that is, your waistline has started to show signs of expansion, claiming new territory that you never knew you had before, and at the same time blocking the view of your toes as you look downward. It is time to kickstart your exercise plan, […]

Steam Controller Design Reportedly Locked In
Valve first unveiled the Steam Controller back in 2013 and since then it has evolved considerably. The design has been tweaked multiple times with concepts containing additions like touch-pad. Valve showed off the initial version at CES 2014 which didn’t even have face buttons, thumbsticks or even a directional pad. According to a report Origin PC CEO Kevin Wasielewski has confirmed that the Steam Controller design has finally been locked in […]

Netflix VPN Blocking Reports Are 'Categorically False'
Netflix has cemented its position as one of the best online video streaming services that also offers popular original content. The company has come under fire repeatedly for not being tough on users who use VPN in order to access the service from markets that are not yet supported. It was reported recently that Netflix has finally started blocking VPN users but the company has formally rubbished those reports during a roundtable meeting […]

Audi's LG Smartwatch Runs On WebOS
[CES 2015] It was just yesterday when we caught whiff of the smartwatch from LG and Audi, making it one of the most desirable smartwatches that we have seen in recent times. The thing is, the beautiful looking timepiece was thought to run on Android Wear – or at least one variant of it, but upon closer inspection, it runs on webOS instead. Here is a little bit of trivia […]

Whirpool Imagines A Jetsons-Like Kitchen
[CES 2015] Let’s face it – we live in an extremely connected world, and to make sure that homes of the future too, would remain connected in their special way – even in the kitchen, the folks over at Whirlpool have come up with a visualization of what it would look, and feel like, to return to such a concept. Enter the Whirlpool socially networked kitchen environment concept, where it […]

Mushkin STRIKER 2.5-Inch SSD Is An All-Rounder
[CES 2015] Mushkin is a name that is synonymous with high performance memory, and this time around, they have taken the grand occasion known as CES 2015 to unveil the latest member of their STRIKER series of solid state drives. Touted to offer top-tier performance specifications, the Mushkin STRIKER 2.5” SSD is yet another step in the right direction for Mushkin to deliver a truly balanced SSD solution which offers […]