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Your phone's thirsty for Coke, not batteries
Most of our modern day smartphones run on lithium ion batteries, and while advancements have been made to increase the battery capacity so that theoretically, battery life is stretched as well, but smartphone manufacturers tend to negate that advantage by introducing even more energy sapping features and functions in newer devices. How about this – a phone that can be “charged” anywhere in the world, as long as there is […]

Re-Feed feeds plants with your leftovers
Most of the time, we would think that leftovers from our food could actually be “shared” with other “members” of the household such as your pooch or cat (although I personally think that this is not too healthy for our furkids), but who would have thought that regular unfinished food could actually be turned into “food” for your plants? This is what the Re-Feed device concept does, liquefying your leftovers […]

Peugeot Onyx concept scooter
One great thing about conceptual designs is this – you need not be constrained by limitations in the real world, although sometimes a working concept is better than just a drawing. Which is why we are interested in the Peugeot Onyx concept scooter that will accompany the 507kW hybrid-powered Peugeot Onyx supercar concept at the 2012 Paris Motor Show that will happen later this week. According to leaks, the three-wheeled […]

Upgradeable tablet concept lets you replace CPU at your whim and fancy
When it comes to computing power and upgrades, most of us who are handy with a screwdriver as well as have the technical know-how relish performing these upgrades on our own, although sometimes, there is a fair bit of work involved, not to mention the need for steady hands. How about a future where all you need to do in upgrading your computer is as easy as performing a battery […]


Foldable mouse concept fits into optical disc drive
There are some of us out there who feel far more comfortable working on a touchpad than with a mouse since we have already gotten used to the idea, but there is also another camp which thinks otherwise, and cannot work on a notebook if there is no mouse accompanying it. The thing is, notebook mice these days tend to be wireless and have gotten rather small in size for […]

Concept machine recycles scrap paper into a pencil
“Revenge of the scrap paper” should make for a more interesting name for such a device, don’t you think so? I am referring to this conceptual idea that relies on you to feed it with scrap paper, where it will eventually use all that scrap paper and process it into a pencil so that you can write on more paper and turning them into scrap, hence perpetually creating a seemingly […]

Jolla concept device whets your appetite
There is one thing about conceptual devices and ideas that capture your attention – not only are they absolutely fantastic in terms of hardware specifications, bordering on the impossible sometimes, but it does not seem too far fetched, either. The thing is, most of the time, conceptual ideas of hardware tend to go beyond current constraints in the world of physics, but you could say in one sense of the […]

Warm Shoestring helps warms up your shoes
If there is one thing about winter that some people hate, it would be the bitter cold – especially for those who tend to live higher up in the north, the depressing way the mercury remains at the bottom of the thermometer for months on end is certainly not a memory worth cherishing, especially when you consider how the cost of keeping yourself warm had risen over the years no […]

eSSage delivers a soothing massage sans masseuse
There is nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing all those tired muscles after a particularly long and hard day at work, and in the perfect world, it would be a slew of lovely ladies rubbing down the neighborhood don, while he smokes on a cigar in one hand (lighted using nothing but $100 bills, no less) and a bottle of champagne nearby to savor the day’s takings on the […]

Oral Care Motivator sets tooth brushing reminder
You know something? Brushing one’s teeth every single day is ideal, but there are times when you return home too bushed out to actually bother brushing. I guess that is excusable to a certain degree, but let us keep our fingers crossed that it will not end up as a habit – and a bad one at that. However, there are times in life when we are working on a […]

Kicker Studio’s 3rd annual Device Design Day (D3) - Aug. 3, SF
Please join us at Kicker Studio’s 3rd annual Device Design Day (D3) conference on August 3, 2012 at the San Francisco Art Institute.D3 2012 offers a full day of lively discussions in different shapes and sizes around the topic of natural user interface. Talks will be held in the morning and early afternoon. For the last session of the day, attendees will choose from smaller discussions and workshops focused on specific […]

BlackBerry concept phone peeks at a potential QWERTY slider
There is nothing quite like a concept for you to let your imagination run wild, right? After all, you need not be bogged down by details such as physical limitations or a shorter battery life due to the number of features you threw into the mix. Well, here is a rendering of a concept phone by someone who figured out that RIM might actually want to consider when it comes […]

Canopy lets you have outside view on subway trains
I do admit, the first time I traveled in a subway train, the feeling was one of awe and wonder, marveling at how human intelligence and precise engineering resulted in such a creation. Well, after a while, being underground is no longer a cheery experience, as all you see is a dark tunnel until your destination. If only there was a window to peer at the sunlight kissed surroundings above. […]

Samsung sees a bright future in potential displays
The computer monitor has certainly come a long way since it was first unleashed to the world in monochrome glory. Over the years, we have seen advancements made, starting from CGA to EGA and VGA display, and then we have moved on to SVGA with the world now enjoying not only Full HD resolution, but also in 3D glory, now how about that? You could say that Samsung does seem […]

Bicycle helicopter gets you going
A bicycle is one of the cooler modes of transport if you do not have far to go between your workplace and home, but if it rains, then the fun factor drops. For just a few blocks, a bicycle will most probably be able to let you arrive at your destination faster than in a car if there is a traffic gridlock. Having said that, a Czechoslovakian design firm must […]

Milkmaid milk jug lets you know if milk turns bad
What happens when you come across the word “milkmaid”? Some of us might think of a particular brand of condensed milk, while others would have something else in mind. Well, the Milkmaid is currently the conceptual winner for the GE and Quirky contest, where it is also known as the “smart milk jug”. Why so, you ask? For instance, the Milkmaid is capable of notifying you over SMS whenever it […]

Circle concept printer does not even look like one
Ah, the printer – this is one peripheral that has not exactly seen a design revolution as compared to the rest of the computer. Notebooks have evolved to netbooks in the past as part of the branch, and now we are moving towards the Ultrabook category which is extremely thin to rival that of the MacBook Air. As for printers? Most of us own inkjet printers, while some others prefer […]

Timeless Capture concept looks beautiful, not so practical
The Timeless Capture concept is basically a device which will “force” an emotional attachment upon the user, relying on selective photography to get the job done. This unique bond will strengthen itself each time you shoot an image, which obtains more and more irreplaceable value along the way. Specially designed to look like a modern keepsake with retro tones, the captured images will be directed to the viewer sans wires right […]

Toyota i-Real is a personal sofa on wheels
So you think that having a La-Z-Boy in your living room is the epitome of your financial achievements so far where being a bachelor is concerned, after amassing all the other essentials such as a large flat screen TV, a smashing home theater system, a decent studio apartment, a two-door coupe in the garage, as well as a souped up gaming rig with a mean Internet connection to go along […]

iPhone Beamer Project concept
Once in a while, a concept will grace our pages simply because it is interesting enough to warrant more than a second look. Having said that, pico projectors have not really taken off in a way where the manufacturers themselves had hoped, never achieving the kind of heights that was once thought possible. Instead, pico projectors have been relegated to a very niche market, leaving standard sized projectors well alone. […]