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iFlex flexPhone Concept Has Flexible Display
Are flexible displays the holy grail when it comes to portable consumer electronics such as the smartphone? I suppose you could say so, and Samsung did take a step in the right direction where flexible displays are concerned at the recently concluded CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Well, here is a concept that will run along the same line of thought – the iFlex flexPhone concept, being the creation […]

Bugatti Type Zero Electric Car Concept
Concepts are definitely an area that we love to check out, considering how everything does not need to remain bound under the natural law of physics. In other words, you can come up with the most outlandish ideas because somehow or rather, in that particular version of reality in your world, this is how things work. Well, a group of young design students in France are the ones behind this […]

Re:Sound Bottle Concept
Now here is a conceptual idea that you might want to embrace when it comes to adding some spice to your daily life – designed by Jun Fujiwara who hails from Tama Art University, this particular bottle is simple in its usage, although the design itself can be said to be absurdly complex, as it has a very heavy reliance on software to handle the recording, storing, and playback of […]

Sneaker Speaker Runs On Bluetooth Connectivity
Now here is a pair of speakers that would definitely change the way you look at audio playback – this speaker concept will more or less put sound on your feet, where it could eventually turn you into a mobile DJ. Thanks to New York studio Ray Kingston Inc., the Sneaker Speaker is actually a Bluetooth-enabled pair of speakers which are connected to the sneakers. The speakers will run on […]


Laser Beams Aid Pedestrians To Cross The Road Safely
I clearly remember that laser room in the first Resident Evil movie which was certainly a pants wetting experience for those in there, and I was quite bummed that the leader of the group tried his best to escape before the entire “net” of lasers sliced him to bits. Well, lasers could harm, and if used correctly, they could also help us humans. Not to bust a door open by […]

Traffic light concept might help reduce accidents
When it comes to traffic lights, the shift from standard ones to those that use LEDs has been a pretty significant jump for two reasons – it is a whole lot easier to view the current status even under bright sunlight, and if one LED goes out, the rest will still work instead of having the entire light go out of commission. Over the years, other small improvements include throwing […]

Your phone's thirsty for Coke, not batteries
Most of our modern day smartphones run on lithium ion batteries, and while advancements have been made to increase the battery capacity so that theoretically, battery life is stretched as well, but smartphone manufacturers tend to negate that advantage by introducing even more energy sapping features and functions in newer devices. How about this – a phone that can be “charged” anywhere in the world, as long as there is […]

Re-Feed feeds plants with your leftovers
Most of the time, we would think that leftovers from our food could actually be “shared” with other “members” of the household such as your pooch or cat (although I personally think that this is not too healthy for our furkids), but who would have thought that regular unfinished food could actually be turned into “food” for your plants? This is what the Re-Feed device concept does, liquefying your leftovers […]

Peugeot Onyx concept scooter
One great thing about conceptual designs is this – you need not be constrained by limitations in the real world, although sometimes a working concept is better than just a drawing. Which is why we are interested in the Peugeot Onyx concept scooter that will accompany the 507kW hybrid-powered Peugeot Onyx supercar concept at the 2012 Paris Motor Show that will happen later this week. According to leaks, the three-wheeled […]

Upgradeable tablet concept lets you replace CPU at your whim and fancy
When it comes to computing power and upgrades, most of us who are handy with a screwdriver as well as have the technical know-how relish performing these upgrades on our own, although sometimes, there is a fair bit of work involved, not to mention the need for steady hands. How about a future where all you need to do in upgrading your computer is as easy as performing a battery […]

Foldable mouse concept fits into optical disc drive
There are some of us out there who feel far more comfortable working on a touchpad than with a mouse since we have already gotten used to the idea, but there is also another camp which thinks otherwise, and cannot work on a notebook if there is no mouse accompanying it. The thing is, notebook mice these days tend to be wireless and have gotten rather small in size for […]

Concept machine recycles scrap paper into a pencil
“Revenge of the scrap paper” should make for a more interesting name for such a device, don’t you think so? I am referring to this conceptual idea that relies on you to feed it with scrap paper, where it will eventually use all that scrap paper and process it into a pencil so that you can write on more paper and turning them into scrap, hence perpetually creating a seemingly […]

Jolla concept device whets your appetite
There is one thing about conceptual devices and ideas that capture your attention – not only are they absolutely fantastic in terms of hardware specifications, bordering on the impossible sometimes, but it does not seem too far fetched, either. The thing is, most of the time, conceptual ideas of hardware tend to go beyond current constraints in the world of physics, but you could say in one sense of the […]

Warm Shoestring helps warms up your shoes
If there is one thing about winter that some people hate, it would be the bitter cold – especially for those who tend to live higher up in the north, the depressing way the mercury remains at the bottom of the thermometer for months on end is certainly not a memory worth cherishing, especially when you consider how the cost of keeping yourself warm had risen over the years no […]