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Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 concept showcased
The Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 concept is the crowning glory of General Motors’ exhibition at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, and it might just be the personal transport of the future for many of us. In fact, we did take the EN-V for a ride back at CES 2011, although we were not too sure as to the version of the ride we were on. It is said that the Chevrolet […]

Gyroscopic Urban Concept Vehicle designed by Sanu K R
According to an article on Geeky-Gadgets, they are featuring a concept urban that is said to move gyroscopically like the Segway. The vehicle which is pictured above was created by designer Sanu K R looks like it might fun to drive but also a little fragile. Just like the Segway, the vehicle also has two wheels, but the different thing here is that they are both massive.

Train Wreck bike is awesome
Now this is a conceptual idea that might very well be the next big thing in terms of an interesting motorbike design, where the designer Colby Higgins called it the “Train Wreck bike”. What makes the Train Wreck bike so different? Just take a look at it and tell me that the steampunk inspired design cues will not draw attention should you ride this up any street. Basically, Higgins wants […]

Watch the Future concept
We have seen some impressive conceptual watches in the past, but this particular concept from F. Bertrand might just take the cake – at least in recent memory, as this wearable timepiece not only looks stunning, but it also comes with a touchscreen that will show you more than just the time. We are talking about displays that tell what the current weather conditions are like (as well as the […]


BlackBerry Blade concept looks sharp
Yes, we know that BlackBerry is on the slide even in their own backyard, losing out top spot to the Apple iPhone in terms of smartphone shipments, so is there any hope for Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry and the PlayBook? After all, Nokia and Motorola were on the decline as well in the past, but somehow through fortitude and providence, they managed to see themselves […]

B-Catch Project - Visual Path calculation by “Piggy” and DFKI
[CeBIT 2012] I did not expect to find this uber-fun demo at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) at CeBIT, but it looks like scientists can have humor sometimes.The technology behind this Angry Birds-like robotic character is quite complex and requires some serious research and development: it combines real-time image processing with probabilities modeling of knowledge about the characteristics of ball trajectories.Dr. Tim Laue and his team from […]

Volkswagen optical illusion car conjured
Someone just hire designer Sangwoo Lee already – this guy conjured this particular Volkswagen concept that was inspired by optical art and visual kinetics. Known as the Volkswagen Optism (what a name – I am not that optimistic that it will hit the streets though), it was specially created with horizontal slants that will have the vehicle change its “character” when viewed from a different angle. The lines themselves do […]

iPad 3 concept video from Aatma Studio
Aatma Studio has come up with some interesting concepts in the past, where the two most recent ones would be the iPhone 5 and another apple-shaped device, but with the iPad 3 being all but confirmed for a March 7th announcement, here we are with another concept video from Aatma Studio. It will come with an edge-to-edge Retina Display, letting you kiss goodbye to those ugly bezels, in addition to […]

Eating pizza had never been this neat
Now here is an idea that you might want to explore if you happen to own a pizza chain, or just a simple pizzeria that is tucked away in a corner somewhere. After all, we do know that pizzas make for an extremely delicious meal especially when you are craving for comfort food, but it is not the neatest kind of finger food to begin with, melted cheese and all. […]

Medical future looks bright with new concept
Here is a healthcare concept that might just see you make the jump into the medical field from a far more sterile study path at the moment. After all, do you not want to indulge in touchscreen displays that will make up the bulk of your healthcare experience? Swedish designers Ergonomidesign have peered into their crystal ball, keeping their fingers crossed that in five years’ time, the video which you […]

Lumia Coffee Tab tablet
One great thing about concepts would be this – you, as the designer, are not bound to the limitations of the physical and design aspects in the real world, but instead, you can let your imagination run free. The Lumia Coffee Tab tablet that was recently unearthed could very well point towards a future tablet device from the Finnish smartphone company. Right now, Nokia does not have any tablet in […]

Windows 8 watch concept looks stunning
Concepts come and concepts go – but some of them leave more of an impression on us than the rest. Here, we have the Windows 8 watch concept that certainly seems to hail from a distant future. After all, the angled edges add a more masculine look to the portable timepiece, and with Mithun Darji’s (of Ahmedabad, India) imagination, the Windows 8 user interface seems to slot in pretty well […]

iWatch concept looks gorgeous
One thing great about concepts is this – you need not remain tied down to existing laws of physics or anything of that sort. Well, having said that, here is the iWatch concept that will definitely float your boat, considering how it will most probably never make it all the way to Apple’s stores, be they online or otherwise. After all, I do not think for an instant that Apple […]

Sega Dreamcast 2 concept
The Sega Dreamcast was released to plenty of accolades and bouquets, but it is sad to see the console die such a quick death due to Sega bleeding money in the hardware department. The Sega Dreamcast is basically the right console at the wrong time, and if you were to ask independent observers, they too, cannot really explain why the Dreamcast failed to make the grade. Well, good thing the […]