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Toyota Sports Hybrid Concept II
Toyota recently paraded their Sports Hybrid Concept II that showcases a 4WD sports hybrid system alongside a totally new suspension system that delivers greater handling and performance. Toyota has high hopes for the Sports Hybrid Concept II, where they intend to break into the hybrid category with a sports car – and in the process, hopes that they can create another Prius-like success story in the world of hybrid sports […]

Toyota 2000GT SEV electric concept car
Toyota has produced just one – and only one, Toyota 2000GT SEV electric concept car, where it was paraded to the adoring public at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. This particular ride was designed by the Crazy Car Project under the direction of the Toyota Automobile Association, where it will transform Toyota’s iconic late-sixties sports coupe from the flower power era to that of a 21st century update that runs […]

RIM QNX in Porsche concept
[CES 2012] When it comes to automobile technology at CES, you can be sure that there will be new and old players alike each year, trying to outdo each other with their latest releases. Research In Motion’s Porsche Carrera concept car proved to be quite the attention seeker, where the vehicle showed off a slew of innovations which ran on RIM’s QNX platform. What makes this so special? Well, QNX […]

Wikipad concept might be gaming hit
[CES 2012] While we took a gander at the rather high end Razer Fiona Concept yesterday (see a video of it in action), here is something else that might appeal to a different group of gamers – the Wikipad. I admit it, when I first heard of its name, I thought it was some sort of educational, informative tablet, but my guesses are as inaccurate as Andrei Arshavin in an […]


iPhone SJ concept is a tribute to Steve Jobs
There are many ways to pay tribute to a person who has already passed on – take the late Steve Jobs for example. Some company in China decided to rip off his likeness by releasing an action figure of Steve, coming in his trademark turtleneck and blue jeans look, although without any prior permission from Apple for doing so, leading Cupertino to ensure their legal team has yet another case […]

Game Strap concept keeps commuters entertained on the way home
Taking the train home from work is usually a rather boring affair, but designer Jiang Qian has come up with an idea that could make the commute a bit more entertaining while maintaining safety. Dubbed the Game Strap, it essentially transforms the handles that people hold on to while riding the train into a gaming platform.

Samsung shows off flexible display concept tablet in video
Some time earlier this year there were concept drawings of a Samsung phone with a flexible OLED display. This was a rather intriguing concept that we didn’t think would be happening anytime soon, but we were then proved wrong as Samsung stepped forward and said that flexible display smartphones were in the works and would be introduced some time in 2012.

Toyota FCV-R concept unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show
The fuel cell vehicle concept is entirely dead and buried just yet, and the Toyota FCV-R has been unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show that is happening in Japan even as we speak. Bear in mind that a hydrogen infrastructure is still far away from reality now as it was half a decade ago, but perhaps in the next five years, we might see a notable breakthrough? Toyota’s engineers […]

Honda Micro Commuter concept car looks awesome
At the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, Honda revealed its “micro commuter” concept car that looks like it could have been pulled straight out from the TRON movie. The vehicle features an eco-friendly electric engine and can seat three people – one driver and two passengers. The driver sits in the middle and controls the car via two joystick-like levers, while two passengers can be seated behind.The car also features smartphone […]

Bose IQ multiple device docking concept will be great for house parties
The thing about throwing a house party is that inevitably there will be someone who hates the music. So instead of continuously swapping out MP3 players for different songs, design Jason Farsai has come up with a speaker dock concept that should accommodate just about everyone’s taste in music.

Nokia works on telepathy phone
I guess that a telepathy phone is as close as it can get to being a telepath like Professor X, although you will still need to rely on hardware to get your message across instead of directly accessing the mind of another person and reading his or her thoughts, while communicating without having to move your lips – but rather, send messages through your brain to another. Scientists over at […]

Art Lebedev Studio's Integralus Digital Watch concept looks pretty cool
If you love watches, then you might be interested in checking out this concept watch by Art Lebedev Studio. Dubbed the Integralus Digital Watch, it will feature two segments – one that displays the hour and the other half that displays the minutes. Each will run on its own battery, so should one battery die, you will at the very least be able to tell the hours/minutes.

Snappy Dresser helps make common sense popular
You know the saying, common sense is not that common after all – and I can’t really deny that, considering how some of us, myself included, can be pretty absent minded at times, like locking myself out of the car or the house in the middle of the night. Well, for folks who have difficulty getting their wardrobe all sorted out despite the help that IKEA offers with their boxes […]

Stiletto heel implants concept
Body modifications have been the norm for some years already, and some of them might still take some getting used to such as tongue splitting, but here is a concept that will definitely throw you off balance – I’m referring to having stiletto heel implants. Goodness knows how you’re ever going to complete a decent round of jogging once you have these implants inside of you! I would suppose if […]