Oppo K1 Is The Most Affordable In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Phone

Major manufacturers like Samsung may not have moved to display-based fingerprint sensors but some Chinese manufacturers won’t be waiting for them. We have already seen companies like Oppo bring this technology to market. Oppo has now released a new device which is perhaps the most affordable smartphone on the market with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The Oppo K1 has been announced and it costs roughly $230.

Oppo Find X With 10GB RAM May Start Shipping Soon

Chinese manufacturers have a habit of pushing specs for their handsets that may seem outrageous on paper but it’s one of the reasons why they have been able to quickly create space for themselves in Asia where this can be used as a marketing tool. Oppo appears to be gearing up to launch a variant of its Find X smartphone with a whopping 10GB of RAM.

Xiaomi And Oppo May Be Working On Foldable Smartphones Too

With the smartphone industry having firmly adopted the bezel-less and notched display trends, it appears that the foldable form factor is the next in line. We have long heard rumors that Samsung has a foldable smartphone in the pipeline. The company is expected to release it next year and recent reports suggest that Huawei wants to beat Samsung to market with a foldable smartphone. It may not be the only […]

Upcoming OPPO R17 Could Be Packing As Much As 10GB Of RAM

The amount of RAM we’re starting to see in smartphones these days is increasing. Of course whether or not we need so much RAM is up for debate, but from a marketing perspective it definitely sounds good to advertise a phone that features 8GB of RAM versus a competitor who might only offer 4GB or 6GB.


Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition Charges From 0 To 100% in 35 Minutes

Huawei has long released Porsche editions of its flagship smartphones and now it’s not the only Chinese smartphone manufacturer that has teamed up with a luxury car brand. Oppo has announced its partnership with Lamborghini and unveiled the Oppo Find X Lamborghini edition. The Find X is the company’s latest flagship smartphone that has a full-screen display and a pop-up camera. The Lamborghini is special as it features Super VOOC […]

Oppo Find X Joins Full-Screen Club, Brings Pop-Up Camera

While Android OEMs are embracing the display notch en masse, a couple of manufacturers based in China are showing the world that it’s possible to have a full-screen display on a smartphone if you’re willing to get creative with the camera placement. After the Vivo Nex, the Oppo Find X is another full-screen smartphone with an impressive screen-to-body ratio of 93.8 percent. The display stretches all the way to the […]

Oppo Reportedly Sourcing ‘Edge’ Display Panels From Samsung

Samsung has a near monopoly in the smartphone OLED panel market and happens to be the biggest supplier of OLED panels for mobile devices. Samsung’s own smartphones have helped popularize these panels and it already supplies them to other manufacturers as well. According to a new report, China-based Oppo is now sourcing Samsung’s curved ‘Edge’ OLED panels for its smartphones as well.

This Is What The OnePlus 6 Could Look Like

What will the upcoming OnePlus 6 look like? According to recent rumors it has been suggested that the phone could come with a notch in its display, but now it looks like the design of the phone might have been revealed, although interestingly enough the design of the phone is actually that of another device.

Apple’s Hogging Of OLEDs Force Chinese OEMs To Turn To Mini LEDs

It is safe to say that future Apple products will most likely see the use of OLEDs. Apple already introduced OLEDs to the iPhone X, so like we said, future iPhones and iPads and possibly even Mac computers might turn to the use of the display technology. Given the millions of devices Apple sells, that’s a lot of OLEDs they’ll be consuming.

Several Manufacturers May Launch Foldable Smartphones Next Year

We’ve been hearing for many years now that Samsung is developing a foldable smartphone. While we’ve yet to see the company come out with one yet, ZTE launched its foldable device just last month. The ZTE Axon M is a dual screen smartphone that’s exclusive to AT&T in the United States. According to a new report, there’s going to be an influx of new foldable smartphones from several manufacturers next […]

OPPO & Xiaomi Could Launch Smartphones With Facial Scanning In 2018

Just like Touch ID, it seems that Apple’s Face ID is testing pretty positive amongst reviewers. Sure, there might be some issues here and there, but we expect that Apple will improve upon it and fix it with software updates over time, but for the most part, it looks like Face ID is indeed working as advertised.

OPPO Patents A Foldable Phone Of Their Own

Based on the current trend, it seems that one of the popular design choices for smartphones these days is to create a phone with as little bezel as possible. However we imagine that in the future our phones could look a lot different, but could foldable phones be the next big thing in tech?

Oppo F3 Plus Is Official, Features Dual Selfie Cameras

Oppo has been building smartphones with the selfie generation in mind which is why it has been calling some of them the “selfie expert.” It has launched another similarly branded smartphone today called the Oppo F3 Plus. This handset’s claim to fame is that it features not one but two front-facing cameras for selfie lovers.

Oppo F3 And F3 Plus Will feature Dual Selfie Camera

Oppo has an entire series of handsets that it calls “the selfie expert,” as the name suggests, these handsets are focused towards those who really like to take selfies and want the perfect phone for that purpose. Oppo also happens to be one of the fastest growing smartphone companies out of China so it appears that its strategy is working off. Oppo is due to launch two new handsets – […]