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USB Type-C Cable Render Spotted
At the end of last year, a new USB Type-C connector was announced, and here we are with a render of what the final deal could actually look like. It is interesting to see a new variant of the USB connector appear considering how microUSB has already done its fair bit in climbing up the popularity stakes among users. Still, to have a new kind of cable architecture known as […]

The iMacompanion Adds A USB Port To The Front Of iMacs
If there is one thing that Apple has done right with the iMac and its Thunderbolt Displays is that they have created very sleek and stylish looking products. How they managed this is by keeping the ports at the back, thus making the interface look very clean.However there is a drawback which is that if you wanted to access the USB ports on an iMac, you’d have to reach around. […]

dataSTICKIES Concept USB Flash Drive
Don’t you just love concepts? They are able to let your imagination fly free, since there is no need to worry about stuff like the limitations of the laws of physics and what not. The USB flash drive has become such a staple device for all of us, that I would say most of us own at fair number of these even right now. Just when you thought that using […]

Aleratec Cruiser Mini Portable Makes Short Work Of USB Flash Drive Duplication
I am quite sure that many of us have gone through the motions before when it comes to copying stuff from one USB flash drive to another. The advent of USB 3.0 connectivity has definitely gone a long way in making life a whole lot easier (while saving us plenty of time along the way, of course), but what happens when you need to make plenty of duplicates within a […]


Balloons Filled With USB Sticks And DVDs Are Being Floated To North Korea
North and South Korea hasn’t had the best of relationships with one another for many, many years. In fact if you read stories and reports about North Korea, it seems that the government practices very heavy propaganda in which they constantly remind its citizens about the perils beyond the borders of its country.However one man by the name of Park Sang Hak has spent years trying to fight the propaganda […]

Leef Announces Bridge 3.0 USB Flash Drive
Just like how all USB flash drives are not created equal, it is with great excitement that I present to you Leef Technology’s Bridge 3.0. The Bridge 3.0 happens to be the first USB 3.0 flash drive that will allow file sharing between Android-powered smartphones as well as tablets, Macs and PCs. This unique addition to any road warrior’s collection of hardware is said to arrive at RadioShack stores this […]

LaCie Culbuto USB Key Looks Very Different From The Norm
[CES 2014] LaCie has come up with an extremely interesting design for a USB key, where it is known as the LaCie Culbuto. This particular USB key will definitely stand out from the rest, where it has been designed by French designer Constance Guisset. For those who are not Francophiles, Culbuto happens to be French for a toy that has a weighted base which will ensure that the object remains […]

ZTE To Ship Own LTE USB Dongles
The folks over at ZTE have just announced that they will be shipping a home-grown LTE modem within one of its very own LTE USB dongles. If you are one who loves to dive knee deep into model numbers and names, then it would be better known as the ZTE ZX297502. This would come across as a second-generation LTE modem from ZTE. According to Jim Mielke, VP of engineering at […]

Sony Announces Micro USB Flash Drive For Smartphones
There are some Android devices, like the Nexus 5, which do not feature a removable backplate, which also signals that it will not accept microSD cards, meaning that you will need to decide carefully if 16GB is enough for you, if not you would have to go with the 32GB model. Well the good news for Android users who either have devices that do not support microSD, or who are […]

USB Head Massager Is Just What You Need To Relieve Boss-Related Stress
We think it’s safe to say that no matter what kind of job you have, there’s going to be one time in your life where you have a “bosshole” of a boss. No matter what you do, everything is seen in a negative light, even though you know that you’re probably one of the company’s best employees. But if your boss is being especially “bossholey” one day, Thanko’s USB head […]

New USB Type-C Connector Announced, Will Be Smaller And Reversible
We’ve all heard the running joke where there is a 50% chance of plugging in a USB plug the right way, but most of the time we tend to get it wrong on the first try. Well it looks like that could soon be changing as it has been announced that work is being done to create a new generation of USB plugs that will not only be compatible with […]

Sanwa USB Muffler For Those Cold, Winter Days
For those of us who happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere, the bitter chill and cold of winter will soon be upon us. That is nice, since it would remind us that the holiday season is coming, and that would mean a time to take a break from the usual work and accompanying stress. However, there is also the cold that one would have to contend with, and this […]

Harness The Power Of Fire To Recharge Your Phone With FlameStower
Recharging your smartphone or tablet while you’re out and about can be quite challenging, although if you have a backup battery pack with you, things tend to be a little easier. But what if your backup battery runs out while you’re out in the wilderness with nothing on you besides a pair of tighty-whities, a lighter and a smartphone with a dead battery? Then you better hope you find a […]

USB Sniper Rifle
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and all good bosses do recognize the wisdom in that particular saying. In fact, that is the reason why some of the more human-oriented companies out there have a chillout room, a place where employees can blow their steam off, as well as send employees on team building activities (and company holidays or trips), too. If you want to vent […]