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Swatch Sistem51 Delivers Swiss Mechanical Movement On The Cheap
Here is a different way to use the world relative – it has nothing associated with your flesh and blood, but rather, watch lovers who love Swiss mechanical movement used to have to fork out huge sums of money to own such a timepiece, but the Swatch Sistem51 does that without requiring you to break the bank, now how about that for being relatively cheap?

Namco Bandai & Casio Unveil Special Edition Gundam G-Shock Watch
If you’re a fan of Gundam and special edition watches, you might be pleased to learn that both Bandai Namco and Casio have come together and collaborated on the G-SHOCKxGUNDAM watch which you can see pictured above. This is a special edition watch and was created in celebration of Mobile Suit Gundam’s 35th anniversary.

Tokyoflash Kisai Xtal Wood Watch
When it comes to timepieces, there are different schools of thought here. Some folks think that watches should be all digital in order to keep up with the times, while others prefer the analogue watch face as it retains that classic elegance of the timepiece. While others who are extremely well off would not settle for anything less than a diamond studded Rolex, there are some who would be happy […]

Tokyoflash Kisai Night Vision Wood Unveiled
The folks over at Tokyoflash have always had a vivid imagination when it comes to the different kinds of timepieces that they roll out to the masses, and more often than not, these watches are the stuff that tickles the imagination – lots. In fact, you will need plenty of brainpower to figure out some of their more obscure timepieces, and in this latest bout of releases, the Tokyoflash Kisai […]


Bradley Timepiece Specially Designed For The Blind
It is not as though the blind or visually impaired do not have a way to tell the time, it is just that watches for them are few and far in between. Well, the Bradley Timepiece happens to be an exception to the rule, where this watch was specially designed for blind people, and it has been named after a Paralympian gold medallist who lost his ability to see in […]

Victorinox Announces New Inox Watch
Victorinox Swiss Army has a spanking new timepiece for you to consider if you are currently on the lookout for a new watch. After all, they have introduced a new watch collection at this year’s Baselworld in Switzerland, where the Inox timepiece has been depicted as a rugged companion to last you a lifetime, and each Inox has gone through a hundred toughness tests before it is sold over the […]

HeadWatch Tells The Time, And Then Some
When design and technology come together, we more often than not get some really good looking creations in the process. Well, apparently, the HeadWatch intends to offer up a new method of interaction between the human and his or her smartphone. Being a smartwatch in nature, the HeadWatch is made up of a wrist strap and a watch, where you are able to detach the “watch” part of it, placing […]

HereO Watch Helps Parents Keep Tabs On Their Kids
Kids are a bundle of energy, joy, and at times, frustration – especially when you are already running late for a particular event, and they are frolicking all over the house – with some of them even indulging in a little bit of hide and seek along the way. And for those moments when you all hit the local mall, it can be quite challenging for a new parent to […]

Classic Arcade Wristwatch Looks Cool
Do you think back of the good old days when you spent your time and money in a dark and smelly arcade? The arcade cabinet would surely carry plenty of significance in your life, and ThinkGeek hopes for you to revisit your past with the $59.99 Classic Arcade Wristwatch. This unique timepiece would be able to tell the time using a pair of moving asteroids alongside a spaceship. As for […]

Bem Wireless Speaker Watch
What you see above sure as heck looks like a watch, but the question to ask is, is this a timepiece to begin with? The answer would be, “No”. Pretty strange, don’t you think so? Let us explain what the Bem Wireless Speaker Watch is all about from the get go. This is worn around your wrist like a normal timepiece, but what it does is actually to function as […]

URANIUM WATCH Reveals Customizable Concept Timepiece
Swiss watchmakers are famous for their accurate timepieces, and a certain URANIUM WATCH has come up with an exclusive, innovative customizable concept for watches. Their efforts has allowed a solitary watch to be be transformed infinitely as well as adapted as much as its owner desires so that it will be able to be a matching accessory to what you wear regardless of the season, in addition to going down […]

Basis Carbon Steel Edition with Advanced Sleep Analysis – hands-on video
[CES 2014] Basis B1, a $199 health tracker watch, was introduced to the market a little over a year. On Monday, Basis Science showed its new model at CES, the Basis Carbon Steel Edition with its new Advanced Sleep Analysis feature, which is accessible from the iOS and Android companion apps.Basis Carbon Steel edition features an elegant chassis with polished chrome details and a stretchable, silicone black strap. The Basis Health […]

Tokyoflash Kisai Quasar Is Rather Difficult To Read
Tokyoflash is a company that is well known for its range of interesting looking watches in the past, where we have seen the likes of a Kisai Maru Wooden, a Kisai Neutron, as well as a Kisai Blade that tells the time using LEDs. This time around, there is another “masterpiece” from Tokyoflash that will be known as the Kisai Quasar. The Kisai Quasar is special because it arrives in […]

Tikker Wristwatch Counts Down How Much Time You Have Left To Live
Finding out the time is as easy as simply looking at your phone, watch, computer or any other device equipped with a clock, which can make planning out your daily activities a ton easier. But what if there was a watch that could predict how much time you have left before you kick the bucket? We’re not sure why you’d want such a device, but for those who need to […]