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Withings Steel HR Is The First Normal Watch With Heart Rate Monitoring
Withings – which is now a part of Nokia – has always made activity tracking wearable devices that don’t look like normal smartwatches or fitness bands. Its products have always looked similar to traditional watches and nothing stays true to that tradition than its new Withings Steel HR. Withings says that this is the first analog watch that features heart rate monitoring.

Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer Is Now Available
Earlier this year during CES 2016, Withings unveiled the Thermo. This is a smart thermometer with built-in WiFi that basically takes your regular thermometer and gives it additional features and capabilities. For those wondering when it will be available for purchase, Withings has recently announced the device’s availability.

Withings Launches A New Smart & Connected Weighing Scale
Just because you aren’t fat doesn’t mean that you are healthy, just like how some athletes weigh a lot but are considered healthy because they have a low body fat percentage. Basically there’s more to indicate one’s health than just by weight, which is why our weighing scales at home these days needs to be smarter than just displaying weight.

Withings Go Ready To Rock And Roll
It looks like Withings (which Nokia is said to be interested in) is more than happy to announce the availability of their Withings Go, which happens to be one of the most affordable, versatile and fully featured activity trackers that are in the market today. Sporting an asking price of $79.95 a pop, it happens to be an intuitive tracker that has been specially designed in order to assist just […]


Nokia Announces Plans To Acquire Withings
Is Nokia finally about to get back into the consumer business? Ever since the company sold off their mobile division to Microsoft, things have been a bit quiet save for the odd launch every now and then, but it sounds like things could be heating up soon as Nokia has recently announced their plans to acquire Withings.

Withings Go Is A Tiny E-Ink Activity Tracker
[CES 2016] If you’d rather not walk about with a fitness band or smartwatch strapped to your wrist, but you’re still interested in logging your activity, you might be familiar with devices like the Jawbone UP MOVE or the Misfit Flash, both of which are tiny activity trackers that can be hooked onto your bag or belt and forgotten.However it looks like you’ll have one more option to choose from […]

Withings Unveils New Thermo Thermometer
[CES 2016] Thermometers for the home aren’t new and come in handy if you want to see if your child or loved one is sick, or if you are developing a fever. There are several different options in the market right now, but for those who are looking for a smarter option, you’re in luck as Withings has announced the Thermo.For those unfamiliar, Withings is the same company behind the […]

Activité Steel Is A New Activity Tracker From Withings
Withings today announced the launch of its new activity tracker called the Activité Steel, it’s positioned right between the Activité and Activité Pop wearable devices and has been priced as such. It does however tout a very stylish design which Withings says makes it retain the “most wearable, wearable title with a confident masculine design.”

Withings Announces Connected Alarm Clock For $190
If you’re looking for more connected devices to furnish your home with, you might be interested to learn that Withings has recently announced the Connected Alarm Clock. While its look might be similar to the Withings Aura Total Sleep System, it is a slightly more pared down version which will cost you $190, about $110 cheaper than the Aura Total Sleep System.Of course based on the name and its price, […]

Swim Tracking Goes Live For Withings Activité and Activité Pop
Withings jumped on the smartwatch bandwagon with the $350 Withings Activité last year and earlier this year at the International Consumer Electronics Show the company launched a much more affordable option called the Withings Activité Pop. Both smartwatches are now available for purchase and if you found their existing feature set to be lacking, the company has made one great feature addition today. Swim tracking is now live on the Activité […]

Withings Activité Pop Blends Style With Function
 Smartwatches are here to stay. This is something that the market has accepted and much of the old guard is now looking to join the fray. Last year Withings unveiled a Swiss Made watch of its own, it was actually a smartwatch that costed $350, and was called the Withings Activité. This price point isn’t too enticing as the competition goes for much lower which is why the company has changed […]

Withings Activité Hits The FCC
Withings does have its fair share of wearable devices, and this time around, the Withings Activité wearable device has appeared over at the FCC – which means it ought to be well on its way to the market in due time. After all, we have already seen a fitness tracker that is known as the Pulse O2 which can be clipped onto a belt or clothing, or simply to keep […]

Withings Home Is Your Smart Nanny
There’s a clear trend in the market that most companies are now trying to follow. In the mobile space wearable devices are leading the charge. In connected object such devices are coming up which aim to propel our homes in the internet age. Withings Home is one such connected object. The nifty little device acts as a smart nanny, thanks to its HD camera, array of sensors and internet connectivity feature.

Withings Activité Looks Downright Sleek For An Activity Tracker
We have seen our fair share of fitness trackers revealed in the past that arrive in the form of a bracelet, and most of the time, these are more functional than aesthetically pleasing. In fact, fitness trackers seem in place only when used within the confines of a gym – wearing it anywhere else would make it look out of place, even more so in formal settings. The Withings Activité […]

Withings Pulse O2 Tracks Your Activities To Help Improve Overall Health
Don’t you just love modern day gizmos? If someone were to come up to you a couple of decades ago, telling you that there is this particular device which is capable of keeping track of your health, vital signs and sleep, you would have dismissed them as having escaped from the local nuthouse. Not so in this day and age, especially with the likes of the Withings Pulse O2 tracker.

Withings Smart Activity Tracker
[CES 2013] It is no fun if you are the king of the hill with no competition in sight, as this means there is no need to innovate further to evolve beyond the reach of the competition, simply because there are none to worry about in the first place. Not so with the Withings Smart Activity Tracker though, as it definitely has the Fitbit Ultra in its crosshair, where this […]

Withings Smart Body Analyzer
[CES 2013] The Withings Smart Body Analyzer is not very different from what we have seen in the past, but what makes this edition at CES 2013 different would be the resting heart rate monitor and C02 analyzer that has been integrated into the device, which means that Withings is encouraging you to use this Smart Body Analyzer in other places apart from your bathroom. For example, how about placing […]

Next generation Withings scales hit the US
It seems that the next generation of Withings Internet-connected scales have arrived in the US, so if you are interested, you might want to check out the Withings Wireless Scale WS-30. Merging both Bluetooth Smart technology and WiFi connectivity, you will be able to enjoy a seamless and computer-free experience right from the install stage all the way to everyday use. With the Withings Position Control technology, you are able […]

Withings Smart Baby Scale
[CES 2012] Withings is known for their WiFi-connected scale in the past, and they intend to move forward by introducing the Withings Smart Baby Scale. As the name suggests, this particular model will not be able to fit adults, but rather, cater to those crying memes of yourself. Specifically designed to cater for infants as well as toddlers, it is the tiny human’s version of its predecessor, playing the organizer […]

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor turns your iPhone into a medical instrument
There’s no doubt that the iPhone is one of the most versatile mobile devices around, along with the iPod Touch and iPad, the trio of iOS devices have found applications in pretty much every industry – from art to photography to education; you’re bound to find an iOS device being used in some way or another. One of the most important the iOS devices have been able to find success […]