Additional iPhone 6 Concept Renders Surface

It’s only April but yet we’ve come across a fair amount of leaks, rumors, and alleged photos that supposedly shows off what we can expect from the next-gen iPhone. Of course none of this can be officially confirmed right now but thanks to the folks at French website,, they have teamed up with renowned designed Martin Hajek to create some additional concept images of what the next-gen iPhone could […]

More iPhone 6 Concept Renders Based On Leaked Schematics

A while back we saw some schematics that allegedly belonged to that of the upcoming iPhone 6. Whether those schematics are right on the money remains to be seen, but in the meantime we’ve also seen some renders being created based on said schematics. Recently the folks at MacRumors have decided to try their hand at creating renders based on the schematics as well and have commissioned designer Ferry Passchier […]

Analyst: Apple iWatch To Get UV Exposure Sensors

If you think that your skin is way too sensitive to be under direct sunlight and need to wear sunblock all the time (at least you won’t sparkle like a Cullen), perhaps it would be wise to move somewhere where there is very little sunlight all year round. That might be impossible and way too depressing, so how about making sure that you are alerted of the dangers of being […]

iPhone 6 Concept Based On Alleged Leaked Schematics

Remember the other day we saw alleged schematics of the iPhone 6? Well we’re sure many are wondering how an iPhone might look like if those schematics are the real deal, so French website and designer Martin Hajek have thrown together a couple of concept renderings to give us a taste of what’s to come. Based on the alleged schematics, it shows off a very thin iPhone. This is […]


Lash Is A Light Attachment Concept For Spray Cans

Graffiti art is usually associated with illegal activity since there are those who spray graffiti onto public places as a way to vandalize public/private property. However there are also many extremely talented graffiti artists who spray paint buildings, walls, signboards, and so on with amazing pieces of art. Sometimes the art is there for the sake of it, sometimes its there because it is politically motivated, sometimes its there to […]

dataSTICKIES Concept USB Flash Drive

Don’t you just love concepts? They are able to let your imagination fly free, since there is no need to worry about stuff like the limitations of the laws of physics and what not. The USB flash drive has become such a staple device for all of us, that I would say most of us own at fair number of these even right now. Just when you thought that using […]

BlackBerry PlayBook 2 Concept Looks Sleek, Packs Powerful Hardware

Back in 2011, BlackBerry unveiled the PlayBook tablet, making the device the first tablet that BlackBerry has released. At that time the device was a pretty solid tablet, although the lack of apps and native BlackBerry support was kind of disappointing. Fast forward three years and it looks like BlackBerry might have given up on the tablet scene, despite the rumors. However a recent interview has revealed that BlackBerry has […]

iPhone Air Concept Video Surfaces

Considering how the MacBook has received the MacBook Air treatment in the past, do you think that the folks over at Apple might also do the same to their coveted iPhone range as well? I am quite sure that we are all pretty much well aware by now that there will be another iPhone released in due time later this year, but as to whether it will be known as […]

This iWatch Concept Gives It A More Classic Look

The problem with wearable technology like Google Glass is that it is very obvious. Granted the design is sleek and elegant, but the fact that there is a tiny computer strapped to your face is a giveaway that this is definitely not your regular pair of glasses, which in some cases might even lead to hostility. So would it be better if wearable technology like headgear and smartwatches be designed […]

SurroundWeb 3D Browser Concept From Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with SurroundWeb, where it can be best described to be a 3D browser concept which is capable of projecting Web pages onto your walls. Right now, SurroundWeb remains as a prototype, but the very idea of using your room’s walls as part of the browser makes for an interesting read. The thing is, some of us do decorate our […]

Carbon Wearable Solar Charger

The modern day road warrior has a slew of devices that he or she carries around, and these devices need charging on a daily basis – at least the most of them anyways. There are times when we are so overwhelmed with the number of devices that we have to charge, that our memory might fail us. How about ensuring that you have a source of energy to tide you […]

HTC Babel A 10” Concept Tablet

The Tower of Babel has proven to be the place where humanity dispersed around the known world back then, each of them being confused because their languages were all mixed up, at least according to Biblical sources. Hopefully there will be no confusion at all with the HTC Babel, which is a conceptual tablet that comes in a 10” form factor. This particular HTC Babel concept hails from the brain […]

Ibis Conceptual Smartwatch

[MWC 2014] There is just something about concepts that we absolutely love – not only does it enable the particular designer to come up with outrageous hardware specifications which are way ahead of its time, that even some say will be impossible to achieve in the future, one is also not shackled by the laws of physics. Well, Creoir Ltd. did showcase a smartwatch known as Ibis at Mobile World […]

BlackBerry Windermere Concept Looks Pretty Sleek

So the other day we caught a glimpse at an alleged BlackBerry prototype called the Windermere. The device when it was first leaked was thought to be an older BlackBerry prototype, perhaps one that might have been cancelled, but it turns out that wasn’t the case, or so the rumors clam. In any case the leaked photos were somewhat blurry and hard to see, but thanks to a recent concept […]