valour-bikeWe have smart cars, smartphones, smart houses, and smart glasses, hence it is not surprising to hear about smart bicycles being part of the deal in this day and age. The thing is, a smart bicycle is still quite rare, where such a connected bike without any trace of an electric motor is not that easy to come by, but the Valour from Vanhawks makes a strong case for its existence, being a sensor-laden smart bike that was specially designed with the rider’s safety in mind.

The Valour will tip the scales at a relatively lightweight 16 lbs (7.25 kg) thanks to its carbon fiber frame which will boast of Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. What makes the Valour special from all of the other bicycles in the same market? It is self-charging, and sports its fair share of onboard electronics, where among the sensors included are an accelerometer, magnetometer and a speed sensor.

The Valour bicycle is connected to a compatible device that runs on iOS, Android or Pebble. You will need to enter your destination on the app before you start to receive turn-by-turn navigation in the form LED indicators that have been built right into the handlebars for easy reference. These integrated sensors will help monitor the route taken, before it suggests alternatives just to help you have an easier passage to your destination by avoiding them steep and painful hills.

This is a Kickstarter project that will hopefully be able to raise CAD$100,000 (US$91,000) ultimately in order for it to enter the market.

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