With Apple picking up as many new shows and movies as they are, the question is how will Apple distribute them? Will it be part of an Apple Music subscription? Will it be part of Apple TV? According to a report from The Information (paywall; via MacRumors), it seems that Apple could be planning a massive subscription bundle.

The report claims that Apple will apparently be creating a single subscription bundle that will put together TV shows, Apple Music, and also digital magazines. This is in line with a recent report from Recode who claims that Apple is thinking of creating its own subscription service for its shows, and that it might be cheaper than Netflix.

We’re not sure if cheaper is possible now that Apple could be planning on bundling various services together, but perhaps there could be a standalone plan for those who just want access to shows and not music or magazines. Apple’s interest in digital magazines and the news is not a secret and earlier this year, the company acquired Texture, a platform which was described as the Netflix for magazines.

It was unclear as to what Apple planned to do with their acquisition, but if The Information’s report checks out, it’s starting to make more sense now.

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