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Apple Looking To Subsidize The Apple Watch For At-Risk Seniors
While the Apple Watch is not the most expensive product from the company, the wearables space is still kind of at a place where it’s not a necessity yet, unlike smartphones. This means that even though it’s only a few hundred bucks, it is a few hundred bucks that some customers don’t see the need or have the means to spend.

Nomad Launches New Natural Leather Accessories For The Apple Watch, AirPods
The nice thing about buying into Apple’s ecosystem is that because Apple has so many customers and its products are so popular that there are plenty of third-party accessories that you can buy. If you own the Apple Watch and you’re shopping about for a new strap and don’t want to pay Apple’s prices, Nomad has you covered.

The Aura Smart Strap Makes Your Apple Watch Even Smarter
The Apple Watch is already pretty good at reading certain aspects about our health, like our heart rate, calories burned, steps walked, distance run, and so on. However if you’re looking for more comprehensive readings, then you might be interested in the Aura Smart Strap which will be able to enhance your Apple Watch experience.

Apple Watch Fall Detection Is Triggering False Emergencies During Skiing
One of the features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the ability to detect falls. The feature seems to be aimed at the elderly who might sometimes slip and fall, like in the shower, and are unable to get up in which the Apple Watch will then be able to help them make an emergency call. However it seems that the feature is accidentally triggering false emergency calls at […]


Apple’s Wearables Revenue Has Already Exceeded Peak iPod Sales
Apple has created many products over the decades that it has been in existence, where every now and then we see a different product take the limelight. At one point in time, Apple’s existence was very much defined by the iPod, the portable media player that took the world by storm.

Apple Watch’s ECG Feature Might Just Saved Another Life
Last year when the ECG feature on the Apple Watch was released, we soon heard a report of how the feature might have saved a user’s life. Now a new report from WMUR (via 9to5Mac) has revealed that the ECG feature could have already saved its second life when it alerted its wearer to the possibility that his heart might be in A-fib.

Some Doctors Thinks Healthy Individuals Under 65 Should Ignore The Apple Watch’s ECG
The Apple Watch ECG feature is designed to help provide users with a more detailed look at their heart and whether or not there are abnormalities in its rhythm, which can sometimes indicate that something is wrong. In fact last year we heard the first instance of how the Apple Watch’s ECG feature saved its first life.

Latest Spotify Update Makes It Compatible With iPhone XR, XS Max Screen Sizes
With Apple having introduced new screen sizes to the iPhones and Apple Watch back in 2018, this means that developers have to update their apps and UI elements to make it fit properly, otherwise users will be seeing the zoomed in effect which while functional, doesn’t look very good.

Pandora Now Supports Offline Playback On Apple Watch
Spotify may be one of the most popular music streaming services across the globe but it doesn’t currently offer a feature that Pandora does on the Apple Watch. The latest iOS update for the latter has brought support for offline playback on Apple’s smartwatch. This is a feature that was frequently requested by Pandora users so the company has granted their wishes.

Future Apple Watch Might Be Able To Identify Users By Skin Textures
The current method that the Apple Watch uses to identify the wearer and to help authenticate Apple Pay payments is through a passcode system, where as long as the watch is on the wrist of the user and they entered the correct passcode, it’ll remain authenticated until the watch is taken off. After that the process needs to be repeated again.

Apple Watch Saves Life Of A Woman In A Submerged Car
We have heard stories of how the Apple Watch has saved the lives of many of its users, such as warning them of an impending heart attack or some abnormalities with their heart rate. Now according to a report from Spectrum Bay News 9, it seems that we have another instance of the Apple Watch saving the life of its user.

Apple Watch Could Be More Useful For The Visually Impaired In The Future
A watch tells the time by the wearer looking at it. If you’re visually impaired, then obviously your options are much less. However Apple is hoping that perhaps in future versions of the Apple Watch that it might prove to be more useful to those who are visually impaired, at least according to a patent.

Analyst Expects The Apple Watch To Dominate The Market Until 2022
The Apple Watch is one of the most popular wearables in the market today, where analysts have estimated that Apple had shipped 4.2 million units in Q3 2018, a number that seems to be increasing every year. However it seems that all good things must eventually come to an end, which the IDC has predicted will be 2022 .

Apple Publishes Series Of Apple Watch Series 4 Tutorial Videos
As smartphones have become so ubiquitous, getting a new smartphone and figuring out how to use it isn’t that hard, especially if you’re used to a particular operating system in which it is more or less the same thing. However if you’re new to the world of smartwatches, we suppose that’s where it gets a bit tricky.