Suzuki Q-Concept microcar should be dead easy to park

While some of us might find something like parking our vehicles a simple thing to do, others do struggle with it – I suppose it is an inborn thing, whether we “have it” or not. Well, for those who have difficulty edging in our four wheeler into a tight space, here is a microcar from Suzuki which is known as the Q-Concept, where it will make its appearance at the […]

Honda small sport EV concept has great design cues

You know how strange it is for electric cars to be sold at the very beginning, only to have gas-powered ones overwhelm them, and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, the future has come one full circle this time around, and electric vehicles are starting to be pushed across different countries in a concerted effort to reduce global greenhouse emissions, not to mention lowering the dependency on ‘black […]

Nokia GEM concept phone is very interesting

When Nokia isn’t busy refining or making real phones, it looks like the company spends a lot of time working on futuristic and advanced concept devices. The Finnish mobile giant recently introduced a new concept phone on its official blog called the Nokia GEM. The first thing you’ll notice about the phone is how it’s completely made out of displays. Every inch of the device can be used to display […]

Nokia HumanForm phone is one beautiful phone [Concept]

Remember the flexible Nokia concept phone that was shown off at Nokia World earlier this year? Well, it looks like that wasn’t the only bendy phone that Nokia had in mind. The creative folks over at the Nokia Research Lab have something even more ambitious than the bendy device but unfortunately it’s still just a concept phone without a working prototype.


Concept renderings of Apple’s iTV

With the possibility of Apple unleashing a TV upon the world starting to gain a bit more ground, thanks in part of a quote by Steve Jobs in his biography by Walter Isaacson, a Flickr user by the name of Guilherme Schasiepen has taken the liberty to draw up a concept image of what Apple’s TV could look like, along with some features we may or may not be seeing.

Microsoft charts a lazier future for humans

With the advent of technology, do you think we are getting lazier and lazier by the day? I guess so, with the remote control being the start of downhill for many of us, and marking the humble beginnings of that paunch around the waist. Microsoft’s Productivity Future Vision concept is certainly an interesting take, and while you will not experience any Jetsons’ like lifestyle, it will still offer something that […]

Brand Table uses NFC to place orders in a food court

NFC is a great technology and allows us to perform a multitude of tasks, mobile payments for example (i.e. Google Wallet). Now what about taking that concept, and applying it to our daily life where NFC can be used in our food courts to order our food? Well this concept was created by a student at the University of Sydney, Stephen Davis, and his idea is a table where NFC […]

Faraday electric bicycle could be the future

What do you think of when you envision the future? Electric cars that are super efficient that the world’s energy crisis is already solved? How about electric bicycles that offer far more than what current models deliver? The Faraday electric bicycle concept that you see above was specially constructed for the Oregon Manifest design competition, where ideas factory Ideo decided to work hand in hand, or should we say wheel […]

Nissan mobility concept ready to land in Japan

Don’t you just love concepts that have been turned into reality because of one man’s (or a team’s collective) vision? Well, I guess the people behind Nissan’s Renault Twizy-based New Mobility Concept can be proud and lift their heads up high – considering their urban electric vehicle that was originally unveiled in November last year is about to be unleashed upon the roads in the Land of the Rising Sun.Just […]

Tag Heuer chronograph concept costs a bomb

Some concepts remain just that – a concept that has not been fleshed out in the form of a prototype, but you can be sure with the latest Tag Heuer chronograph concept, things are different. After all, it is said to be so precise that a blink of the eye might cause you to miss out on its movement – considering it runs on the Mikrotimer Flying 1000’s watch movement […]

[Concept] Sling Shot Camera won’t take pleasant photos

Love to shoot photographs of your friends cowering in fear, but you can never scare them and pull out the camera in time to capture their expressions? Well, this concept camera from designers Sung Young Um and Jung Eun Yim should help solve that problem. Called the Sling Shot Camera, it is specifically designed for the aforementioned purpose. This digital camera is shaped like a sling shot, and is triggered […]

Symbian Belle concepts provide a visual feast

Concept devices are always cool – simply because they are not bound by current laws of physics or manufacturing. Throw in as many features as you like into a super svelte chassis, and the concept will still work like a charm. I don’t suppose that should Nokia follow the designs of these concepts of Symbian Belle phones, they would definitely do better in the market than they are at the […]

Electree goes green despite small size

If you happen to have great love for bonsai plants, then you might be interested in the Electree. This particular device is not an organic, living thing, but rather, it will eschew leaves in favor of 27 solar panels. These solar panels are extremely flexible, since they can be rotated and rearranged accordingly to personalize its look or optimize solar collection.All sunlight that is collected will be stored as electricity […]

Washing machine ends up as video game console

Not everyone loves doing laundry – in fact, most people hate it, but what if you could package the ordinary laundry activity into something fun? Lee Wei Chen, an MA design student from Kingston University, decided that future washing machines should have an element of fun in them, where he designed a model that looks like an arcade-style video game console. The bottom part of it lies the washing machine, […]