Apple Online Store Closes Tomorrow Amid Whispers Of New Products

It has almost become a tradition that Apple’s online store closes hours before its keynote speech at one of its major events where it unveils new products. The store goes back up again after the keynote with updated product pages. However, the company may take the store offline from time to time for maintenance and the updated system status page shows that it will be down early tomorrow morning. It’s […]

iPhone SE Stock Being Returned By Target Ahead Of Apple’s Event

Apple is rumored to conduct an event later this month to unveil new iPads and possibly new iPhone models as well. The company hasn’t confirmed anything as yet but since it normally unveils new iPads in March it’s highly likely that an event will take place this month. According to a new report, retailer Target has instructed its stores to return several iPhone SE models to Apple by today. It’s […]

iPhone SE May Not Be Refreshed Early Next Year

If you’ve been waiting for a refreshed model of the iPhone SE, you might have to keep waiting if a well-regarded Apple analyst is to be believed. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities believes that Apple is not going to refresh the iPhone SE early next year, it’s predicted that the company will do this in order to maintain high margins on its high-end iPhones.

Xiaomi Reportedly Working On 4.3 Inch Smartphone

Over the past couple of years, the smartphone industry has moved towards smartphones with large displays. There was a time when 3.5-4 inch displays were considered enough, and there are still quite a lot of people who prefer smaller smartphones, and that’s why some believe that the market for smaller smartphones will see growth. Apple’s already catering to it, and now rumor has it that Xiaomi is going down the […]


Apple Claims iPhone SE Demand Exceeded Their Expectations

When the iPhone SE was announced, there were many who thought it smelt of desperation. After all this was a phone that basically revisited a design Apple made 3 years ago, while stuffing it with hardware of its flagship, all the while pricing it so that it is more affordable than its larger iPhone 6s/6s Plus sibling.

iPhone SE Reportedly Stealing Customers From Chinese Companies

In lucrative markets like China, there’s a very strong competition that Apple faces particularly in the low-end and mid-range of the market. Since Apple doesn’t really target the low-end market it won’t be that considered about sub-$100 Android smartphones however it does appear to be trying to get more marketshare in the mid-range segment. It recently launched the iPhone SE for that purpose and if reports are believed the new […]

Apple Looks Into iPhone SE Bluetooth Audio Quality Issues

So, you are pretty happy with the thought of picking up the recently announced iPhone SE? Well, you might want to consider twice and wait for Apple to look into complaints concerning the poor Bluetooth audio quality that is part and parcel of the iPhone SE. Based on the number of complaints that have been posted at Apple’s support communities website, the iPhone SE’s Bluetooth audio quality is far from […]

iPhone SE Undergoes A Torture Test

Last month Apple officially launched their latest iPhone, the iPhone SE which was basically a 4-inch iPhone that packed similar-ish specs as the iPhone 6s, except in an obviously smaller body with a design reminiscent of the iPhone 5s. That being said in terms of durability, how does the iPhone SE hold up?

iPhone SE And iPad Pro Shipments Start To Arrive

Well, the inevitable has happened – those who actually placed an order for the iPhone SE or the 9.7” iPad Pro on March 24 earlier this month should have already begun to pick up their respective devices already, and not only that, the Apple retail stores will also open up their doors to facilitate the need for in-store sales.

T-Mobile Offering Buy One Get One Half Off On iPhone SE

If you’re in the market for Apple’s new iPhone you might want to check out T-Mobile’s latest promo. The iPhone SE is going to be officially launched tomorrow and T-Mobile has announced today that customers who purchase the new iPhone starting tomorrow will be able to buy one and the second one half off when they add a line.

iPhone SE First Weekend Online Sales Disappoint Compared To iPhone 6 (Report)

Slice Intelligence has stepped forward to report that the recently revealed iPhone SE from Apple failed to make that much of an impact online throughout its first weekend of availability, as opposed to the iPhone 6 back in the day. In fact, the iPhone SE had only 3% of the iPhone 6’s first weekend online sales figures.

Second Round Of iPhone SE And iPad Pro 9.7 Pre-Orders Open

You know for sure that in recent times, anything that Apple comes up with is more or less sure to be a hit – and there will be many people who look forward to picking up their devices, whether they are jumping from a different ecosystem or simply settling for an upgrade. Well, it looks like the second round of the iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7 pre-orders have already […]

iPhone SE Pre-Orders In China Reportedly Top 3.4 Million Units

Many analysts have already predicted that the iPhone SE is going to perform very well in the market as there are millions of people who still haven’t upgraded their iPhones because they would rather not move to a larger display size. That’s really the only reason why Apple has come out with the iPhone SE. While the company is yet to provide official pre-order figures for its new iPhone, a […]

Xiaomi Rumored To Be Working On iPhone SE Competitor

Apple recently unveiled the iPhone SE, its first new 4 inch iPhone in a couple of years, and analysts believe that the handset is going to do well with customers who didn’t want to move to iPhones with larger displays. It appears that other OEMs might follow the same path. A leak out of China suggests that Xiaomi could be working on its own iPhone SE competitor.