Sony Corporation is the electronics business unit and the parent company of the Sony Group, which is engaged in business through its four operating segments – Electronics, Motion pictures, Music and Financial Services. These make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sony’s principal business operations include Sony Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Mobile Communications, and Sony Financial. Sony is among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders and third-largest television manufacturer in the world, after Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. Via Freebase

Sony Confirms It Won't Host PlayStation Experience 2018
Sony has hosted an event called the PlayStation Experience in recent years. It announces new games at this event in addition to providing details about other projects. Fans now look forward to the PlayStation Experience annually just to see what the company has been working on over the past few months. Those who have been waiting for PlayStation Experience 2018 will be disappointed because the company has confirmed that it […]

No Plans For Rocket League PS4 Cross-Play Just Yet
Rocket League allows for cross-platform play amongst Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC gamers. Unsurprisingly given Sony’s stance, the PS4 is not part of that list. However Sony recently made headlines by announcing their decision to finally allow cross-play for Fortnite, which led to many wondering about other games Sony had denied in the past.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood Haunt Announced For PS4
If you’re a fan of the Castlevania series and wouldn’t mind reliving some classics, then you might be very excited and pleased to learn that Konami has announced that two Castlevania classics will be making its way onto the Sony PS4 next month. This comes in the form of Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night, both of which are scheduled for a release on the 26th of October.

PS Plus Free Games For October 2018 Revealed
With the coming month just around the corner, Sony has today confirmed that PS Plus free games for October 2018. All PlayStation Plus members get a handful of free titles every month as part of their subscription of the multiplayer service. Sony normally confirms the coming month’s lineup a few days in advance and that’s exactly what it has done today.


Sony Finally Allows PS4 Fortnite Crossplay With Xbox And Switch
Sony had blocked crossplay and progression for Fortnite on the PlayStation 4 when the popular battle royale title arrived on the console. This was obviously not appreciated by Fortnite fans who play the game on multiple consoles. This meant that they couldn’t access their progression, skins, and purchases made on the PS4 on another console like the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. Sony is finally enabled PS4 Fortnite cross-play.

Sony Developing 12 New Lenses For Its Alpha Mirrorless Cameras
The mirrorless camera scene is heating up what with the likes of Nikon, Canon, and more recently Panasonic announcing plans for full-frame mirrorless cameras. This means that Sony, who used to monopolize that particular market, will need to do a lot more if they’re hoping to maintain their lead.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro Bundle Announced
Red Dead Redemption fans who are looking forward to the upcoming title and are in the market for a new PlayStation might want to pay attention to Sony’s latest bundle. The company has launched a new Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro bundle which is meant to celebrate the impending launch of Rockstar’s new game. Pre-orders for the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle start today.

PlayStation Classic Can Be Powered Using Your Smartphone’s AC Adapter
The other day Sony announced the PlayStation Classic. This is essentially Sony’s take on the Classic consoles that Nintendo helped popularized from a couple of years ago. However as is the case with Nintendo’s Classic consoles, Sony also noted that its PlayStation Classic would not come with an AC adapter of its own.

PlayStation Now Enables PS4 Game Downloads
Sony’s game streaming service, PlayStation Now, didn’t allow subscribers to download games before but that’s going to change now. Sony is finally enabling game downloads for PlayStation Now subscribers. This subscription service allowed members to stream titles from the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation 4. Sony has now confirmed that subscribers will soon be able to download these titles so that they can play them offline as well.

PS Vita Production In Japan Will Come To An End In 2019
It has been a while since Sony had updated its PS Vita handheld console. Instead the company seems to prefer focusing on its home console, which is the PS4 and PS4 Pro at the moment. This has led to many wondering about the fate of the PS Vita, which unfortunately for fans of the console it seems like it could all be coming to an end soon.

Sony Announces The PlayStation Classic For $100
With the success that Nintendo saw with the launch of the NES and SNES Classic systems, it wasn’t a surprise to see other companies follow suit with similar console relaunches of their own. Now it looks like Sony wants in on the fun as the company has officially announced the PlayStation Classic.

Sony Releases PS4 System Software Update 6.0
PlayStation 4 owners will soon get an update notification on their consoles as Sony is now rolling out the PlayStation 4 system software update version 6.0. While this new software update doesn’t have a decimal version number, it doesn’t have one of Sony’s unique Daimiyo names as well. That’s because it’s an incremental update which doesn’t bring much in the way of new features to the console.

Sony Xperia XZ3 Pre-Orders Will Come With A Copy Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4
At IFA 2018 a few weeks ago, Sony announced their latest flagship mobile phone, the Sony Xperia XZ3. Now Sony has been sort of taking a backseat in the smartphone business in recent times, where they have pulled out of certain markets, but that doesn’t mean that they do not care because it appears that in a bid to help encourage sales of the Xperia XZ3, Sony will be tossing […]

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition Announced For PS4 & Xbox One
As far as indie games are concerned, Hollow Knight is one of the more popular titles that have been released to date. The game was originally released on the PC followed by Linux back in 2017, and a few months ago it was also announced for the Nintendo Switch. The good news is that if you are a PS4 or Xbox One gamer, it looks like the game will be […]