Meet The TweetThere are a plethora of Twitter clients out there, but there’s one thing that they all need and it’s for you to have your own Twitter account. But what if you don’t ever intend to Tweet and just want to follow Twitter feeds for news? After all, Twitter is a great source of real time information that you can’t get anywhere else. That’s where Meet The Tweet comes in.


One thing you’ll notice about Meet The Tweet is that it basically requires no setting up to use. There’s no need for you to sign up for your own Twitter account – all you have to do is put in the accounts you want to follow and you’re set. News is aggregated and posted into one timeline that’s easy for you to view and read from.

Users can favorite tweets, check out what’s trending, enable/disable mentions, view profile info, and even share tweets by email. And because you don’t have a Twitter account, you won’t ever have to deal with direct messages that contain spam or malware. Talk about useful! Unfortunately you won’t be able to follow private accounts, but it shouldn’t be a problem since major news sources are public accounts anyway.

Meet The Tweet is available now from the Apple App Store for $0.99. If you do give it a shot, be sure to follow us at @Ubergizmo!

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