As some of you might recall, back in early 2019, Apple announced that they would be cancelling their AirPower wireless charging mat. This was hot on the heels of various reports in which it claimed that Apple had run into some technical hurdles with the device and could not solve it in time.

However, towards the end of 2019, a new rumor suggested that Apple might not have given up on their AirPower plans just yet, and a recent tweet from Jon Prosser seems to provide some evidence to back those claims up. In the the tweet, Prosser shares some photos of what appears to be the AirPower working as intended, where it not only charges the AirPods, but also the Apple Watch at the same time.

The charging of the Apple Watch is particularly interesting because one of the problems of the earlier prototype was that it wasn’t able to charge the smartwatch. This is because unlike the AirPods and iPhones which support wireless charging, the Apple Watch uses its own proprietary magnetic charger that sticks to the bottom of the device. Also what makes this leak interesting is that it appears to be powered using a USB-C cable.

Prosser had previously claimed back in April earlier this year that there could be multiple sizes for the AirPower, where there would be capable of charging multiple devices, and one that could only charge one. Take these leaks with a grain of salt for now, but it is definitely starting to look like Apple hasn’t 100% given up on their wireless charging plans yet.

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