Microsoft Edge For iOS Updated With 3D Touch Support

For those who are using Microsoft’s Edge browser on their iPhones, you might be interested to learn that in the latest update to the app, Microsoft has finally added support for 3D Touch. This is despite the fact that 3D Touch has been an iPhone feature since the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus back in 2015.

Google’s Project Zero Discovers Security Flaw In Microsoft Edge

From time to time security flaws are uncovered in software. It’s not as if this was done on purpose, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard to try and catch all the flaws. More recently it seems that Google’s Project Zero has discovered a new security flaw in Microsoft’s Edge browser, as posted on the Chromium website (via Neowin).

Microsoft Edge Beta Coming To The iPad Later This Month

Last year Microsoft announced that they would be bringing its Edge browser onto iOS devices, but unfortunately the initial release seemed catered more towards iPhone users. However the good news is that it looks like Microsoft could be getting ready to test out a beta version of the Edge browser for the iPad.

How To Clear Browsing Data on Chrome, Firefox and Edge

During any browsing session, every page that we visit is being saved to our browser’s history. Along with that, cookies, auto-fill data, cached and downloaded files are being stored as well. But what happens when one wants to erase all this stuff?The process is a piece of cake; regardless which browser you use. In this tutorial, we will be covering Chrome and Firefox for desktop and mobile, as well as […]


Microsoft Edge For Android Passes 1 Million Downloads

While Chrome might be one of the most popular browsers available on mobile devices these days, it seems that Microsoft could be quickly catching up. As you might have heard, Microsoft recently brought its Edge browser out of beta on Android, and it appears that doing so was the right choice.

Microsoft Edge Now Available On iOS Devices As Well

Yesterday we reported that the Microsoft Edge browser for Android had finally exited beta, making its way onto Android, although it was still called a “Preview” on Google Play. However the good news is that if you were wondering about the availability on iOS, you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has announced that Edge has found its way onto iOS as well.

Microsoft Edge For Android Finally Exits Beta

Last month, Microsoft announced that they would be bringing its Edge browser to iOS and Android, where shortly after the announcement, the handset was launched on Android in beta form. However if you’re not the type that likes using beta, or did not know that there was a beta, the good news is that the app is now available to all after having exited the beta.

1Password Extension Now Available For Microsoft Edge

When Windows 10 was released and the Edge browser alongside it, one of the gripes users had with it was that it lacked support for extensions which basically allows users to expand on the browser’s functionality. Support has since arrived and the good news is that if you’re after a password manager, 1Password’s Edge extension is now available as well.

Edge Will Always Remain The Default Browser On Windows 10 S

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft also introduced a new browser in the form of Edge. This is clearly Microsoft trying to distance themselves from the stigma that was Internet Explorer, and in all fairness Microsoft has done a great job with Edge. The browser is smooth and speedy and gets the job done, although it does lack some features at the moment.

Microsoft Launches Literacy Tool For Its Edge Browser

The internet is a great place to learn about all sorts of things, and browsers are generally the tools we used to get to where we want to go on the web. However it seems that Microsoft wants to take things a step further by launching a literacy tool called “Accent” that will work with its Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge To Start Blocking Flash By Default Next Year

Earlier this month we reported that Google had updated its Chrome browser to disable Adobe’s Flash by default. Given the various security scares we’ve had, and with many websites now starting to switch to HTML5, it made perfect sense. However for non-Chrome users, those changes are coming your way in the near future, especially if you use the Edge browser.

4K Netflix Streaming Finally Comes To The PC, But There’s A Catch

Is streaming Netflix in 4K on your PC something that you’ve been dying to do? For some reason this option has not been enabled for PC users for a while, despite it being available on other platforms and devices, at least until now. In an announcement on Microsoft’s website, it looks like 4K Netflix streaming is finally here.

Microsoft Edge Browser Get Windows Defender Application Guard Feature

Microsoft’s Edge browser might not necessarily be the most feature-rich browser, but if there’s one thing you can’t say it isn’t, it would be that it isn’t secure. Microsoft has recently announced a new feature called Windows Defender Application Guard that will help protect the browser from any attempts from hacking.

Microsoft Will Pay You To Use Its Edge Browser

The Microsoft Edge browser that is bundled with Windows 10 is great. It is leaps and bounds better than Internet Explorer in the sense that it is fast, but the only downside is that it still feels a bit lacking compared to other browsers like Chrome and Firefox in terms of features. In fact it seems that more than three quarters of Windows 10 users do not use Edge.