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New MacBooks Reportedly Still On Track For October Launch
So late last month we heard the rumors that Apple was planning on launching the new MacBook Pro in the later part of October. Given that we’re almost two-thirds into October and there is still no invite, we’re sure many are wondering if the rumors are true. The good news is that it looks like they might still come true.

iPhone 4, Late 2010 MacBook Air To Become Obsolete October 31
If you are still using the iPhone 4 or a late 2010 MacBook Air, a report from Japanese website Mac Otakara (via MacRumors) has revealed that come 31st of October, both devices are expected to be added to Apple’s vintage and obsolete products list, although given Mac Otakara’s Japanese origins, this seems to pertain more to Japan’s market.

The iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion Chip Is Faster Than The MacBook Air
The majority of the iPhone 7’s improvements are under the hood, thanks to its new A10 Fusion chipset which makes it a quad-core phone versus the iPhone 6s which was still a dual-core setup. As we have seen on the AnTuTu benchmarks, this has unsurprisingly resulted in very high scores which has blown past the competition.

Tim Cook Advises Customer To ‘Stay Tuned’ For Mac Updates
Are you looking forward to new Mac computers? If the rumors are to be believed, we can expect a pretty major MacBook Pro refresh later this year. However we guess since Apple hasn’t really announced anything major for Macs in a while, some customers are starting to wonder if maybe Apple could be moving away from their Mac lineup.


MacBook Air Is As Useful As A Hat For Your Cat: Microsoft
Remember those PC vs Mac advertisements? Apple has stopped making them but Microsoft is putting its own spin on the idea. It has recently released several ad spots in which we can see the company bashing its competitor’s products and the latest it has created says that the MacBook Air is about just as useful as a hat for your cat when you compare it against the Surface Pro 4.

Apple Reportedly Launching Another MacBook With USB Type-C Port
Apple’s first notebook with a USB Type-C port is the 12 inch MacBook. That’s actually the only port it has and some might say that’s what makes the notebook less compatible with existing products. There is a shift towards USB Type-C but it’s going to be a while before it becomes widespread. Nevertheless, Apple is believed to continue down this road. According to reports the company is going to launch […]

Analyst Predicts 11-inch MacBook Air Could Be Killed Off
The MacBook Air exists in a really weird place amongst Apple’s MacBook lineup. Rewind the tape a few years back, the MacBook Air made perfect sense. It is a basic, slim, and light laptop for users who did not need the power of the MacBook Pro, and/or could not afford it. However with the introduction of the 12-inch MacBook, where does the MacBook Air stand?

These Are The Macs That Are Compatible With macOS Sierra
Yesterday Apple announced macOS Sierra, which is essentially a rebranded OS X and the latest operating system for Apple’s Mac computers. Now obviously the OS update brings a ton of new features and changes to the platform, like support for Siri, auto unlock, and more, so the question is, will your Mac be able to support it?

New MacBook Pro Unveil Expected This Month, Shipments In August
We have been hearing a lot of rumors and reports about the MacBook Pro lineup recently. It’s believed that Apple is set to launch a refreshed lineup. A new report claims that Apple is going to unveil the new MacBook Pro models this month with shipments starting in August. Apple does have an event scheduled later this month where it could make an announcement, so this report does make some […]

13 Inch MacBook Air Will Now Have 8GB RAM As Standard
Apple launched its refreshed 12 inch MacBook today. Many would have been hoping that the company will finally announce a refreshed MacBook Air lineup as well with faster processors and improved battery life but that’s not the case. What the company has done is increase the amount of RAM the 13 inch MacBook Air comes with as standard.

Apple’s MacBook Accounted For 10% Of The Notebook Market In 2015
It is obvious that when it comes to computers, both desktops and laptops, that Apple’s computers aren’t necessarily dominating the market. However it seems that in the laptop market, Apple’s lineup of MacBooks appear to be on the rise, according to a recent report by TrendForce (via MacRumors).

Skylake MacBooks Could See A Staggered Release In 2016
With Intel having recently released Skylake processors that look like they will be a good fit for Apple’s Mac lineup, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple announce new computers at a possible March event. In fact a recent analyst report suggested that we could very well see MacBook upgrades in the first half of 2016.

Analyst: MacBook Upgrades Expected In First Half Of 2016
Are you looking to get your hands on a new MacBook computer? If you are, you might be interested to learn that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is pretty certain that we can expect Apple to announce new MacBook upgrades in the first half of 2016. Given that Apple’s March event is typically reserved for MacBook-related announcements, this doesn’t really come as a surprise.

Thinner 13 & 15-inch MacBook Airs Rumored For WWDC 2016
Apple’s MacBook Air used to be the company’s thinnest laptop, at least until the new MacBooks came along to the party. However if the power of the MacBook and the lack of ports kind of put you off, fret not because it seems that come WWDC 2016, Apple could be introducing new thinner MacBook Airs.According to the rumors, Apple is said to introduce a much thinner version of the MacBook […]