These $40K Skinny Homes Can Fit In A Parking Space
Some of the world’s biggest cities are expanding spaces for pedestrians and housing as they want to reduce the amount of space that cars take up. Helsinki-based design firm Casagrande Laboratory has come up with an idea to properly capitalize on former parking spaces. The design firm has created very skinny homes that can fit inside a parking space. They cost $40,000.

This Table Lamp Only Works When You Put Your Phone In It
Our smartphones are huge distractions and there’s no doubt about that. This is why we can imagine how difficult it must be to study/work at your desk and keep seeing notifications popping up on your display, tempting you to tend to them. However designer Klemens Schillinger might have the answer for you.

Jaguar Unveils A Smart Steering Wheel Powered By AI
Self-driving cars are clearly on their way to becoming the future of transportation. In fact Google had earlier on envisioned what a self-driving car could look like in which it does away with the need for a steering wheel, thus relegating the occupants of the car to that of passenger and not driver.

This Is What iOS 11 Might Look Like On The iPhone 8
According to the iPhone 8 leaked images and renders, one consistent thing we’ve been hearing about is that Apple could be going for a full screen bezel-less display, and that Apple could also be ditching the home button and embed Touch ID into the display of the phone itself. So the question is, how would iOS 11 run on such a device?


Lenovo Unveils A Foldable PC Concept
We know that companies such as Samsung and LG are interested in creating electronic devices with displays that can fold/bend. In fact the rumors are saying that Samsung is actually pretty damn close to launching such a product, but it seems that these companies are alone in their quest for bendable gadgets.

Rejected Apple Intern Applicant Reimagines Apple Music
When Apple Music was first launched, it didn’t exactly sport the best user interface. It was admittedly rather confusing for users to try and navigate the app to find the songs they wanted, songs saved offline, as well as accessing some playback controls. Apple made some changes and improvements with iOS 10, but we reckon it could still be improved upon.

This Is How Elon Musk’s ‘Boring Company’ Will Ease Traffic Congestions
Last year while stuck in a traffic jam, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk tweeted out that he wanted to build a tunnel boring machine that would create underground tunnels as an alternative to surface roads. It might sound like the musings anyone stuck in traffic, but in Musk’s case and given his resources, it was an idea that he plans to make a reality.

Galaxy Note 8 Concept Renders Look Stunning
We have to admit that with the Samsung Galaxy S8, the company did a fantastic job of designing the phone. The curved display and the minimal bezels allowed the company to create a handset that truly felt like it was all display. So the question is, will Samsung be able to beat themselves and go further with the Galaxy Note 8?

Volkswagen Unveils Its Concept Self-Driving Ride-Sharing Car ‘Sedric’
It is no secret that carmakers are looking into developing more self-driving vehicles, and it seems that over at Volkswagen, the company has recently taken the wraps off a concept vehicle they are calling “Sedric”, which is basically short of “self-driving car, that they envision as being a hybrid between car ownership and ride-sharing services.

Philippe Starck & Jerome Olivet Design The Smartphone Of The Future
In the past our electronic gadgets weren’t much to look at. For the most part they were functional but their form wasn’t necessarily what you would call eye-catching. Fast forward to more modern times, design is a huge part in our decisions as to whether or not we should purchase a particular product.

iPhone 8 Concept Shows What Could Be Possible
There are many rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 at the moment, ranging from its design to its hardware specs, although it is unclear as to what we can expect since it would be impossible to verify all these claims. That being said, what if all the rumors were true? What kind of iPhone would we be looking at?

Chrysler Unveils Portal Concept Minivan
Over the years, we’ve seen how car designs have evolved from boxy-looking devices, to futuristic and sleek-looking vehicles that look like they’ve been ripped out of a science fiction movie. This appears to be the concept that Chrysler is going for as the company has recently taken the wraps off the new Portal concept minivan at CES 2017.

BMW’s Motorcycle Concept Won’t Require Riders To Wear A Helmet
Wearing a helmet is pretty much a necessity when it comes to riding a motorbike. This is to protect the rider in the event of a crash where at the very least their heads will be protected. However what if in the future vehicles and motorbikes were smart enough where helmets are no longer necessary?

Ground Level Traffic Lights Could Prevent Walking-While-Texting Accidents
With so many people having their eyes glued to their phones and walking around, more often than not they will bump into someone else, or worse, walk into oncoming traffic without realizing it. Unfortunately so far apart from trying to educate people about the dangers of walking and texting, there really isn’t much else we can do, or is there?