Nexus (2016) Concept Rendered In Different Colors

Last week the folks at Android Police posted up renders of what they claimed would be the upcoming Nexus handsets from HTC, codenamed Sailfish and Marlin. From what we can tell, it seems that both handsets will look the same but pack different specs, with one handset having higher-end specs compared to the other.

Concept Images Of The iPhone 7 In Black With Force Touch Home Button

Recently two new rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 have surfaced. One of those rumors says that the new iPhone could be offered in “Space Black”, something we’re sure users will welcome ever since Apple swapped out black for “Space Gray”. There was another rumor that suggested that the home button could be replaced with a force touch home button.

MacBook Pro Concept With OLED Touch Panel Dates Back To 2014

One of the hottest rumors right now, and possibly even hotter than that of the iPhone 7, is that this year’s MacBook Pro refresh will be huge. Sure, we can expect the usual hardware improvements to processor, battery, graphics, and so on, but a rumor has hinted that Apple could be doing away with the function keys and replacing it with an OLED touch panel strip instead.

New Concept Images Of MacBook Pro With OLED Touch Panel

Several days ago we caught a glimpse at what a MacBook Pro with an OLED touch panel could look like, and we have to say that we are loving the idea. Now thanks to designer Martin Hajek, new and more detailed concept images have surfaced that shows what an OLED touch panel on the MacBook Pro could do.


iPhone 7, 7 Plus Concept Renders Show Us What To Expect

By now the design of the upcoming iPhone 7 is really no longer that much of a secret. The only question is, will it sport a Smart Connector, or won’t it? Also there is the question of whether or not Apple will indeed be ditching the headphone jack. However in terms of overall design, like we said, it isn’t really that much of a secret anymore.

iOS 10 Concept Imagines A Dark Mode

WWDC is nearly upon us which means that we will be getting a glimpse at iOS 10, the next major OS update to the iOS platform. Oddly enough rumors on the features of iOS 10 have been relatively quiet, unlike when iOS 7 was released in which there were many rumors leading up to its unveiling.

Chevrolet FNR Concept: Right From The Future

[CES Asia 2016] There is one thing about conceptual cars, and then there are is another concerning prototypes of such concepts that actually work. The Chevrolet FNR concept which was first introduced at the Shanghai auto show last year certainly drew its fair share of wows and gasps from whoever that laid their eyes on it, and the Chevrolet FNR has made yet another appearance at CES Asia 2016. The […]

Audi Connected Mobility Concept Has A Longboard In Its Rear Bumper

We know that there are some places that are walkable but due to laziness, some people would much rather drive. Not only is this a waste of gas, but it can also lead to other problems such as adding on to traffic, making parking difficult for other drivers, and so on. However Audi has recently unveiled its Connected Mobility Concept car that could solve that.

iOS 10 Concept Video Is A Wishlist Of Everything We Want

Apple has confirmed that WWDC 2016 will be taking place come June 13. While they were not specific in what will be unveiled, there’s a good chance we will be learning more about the next major build of iOS, which presumably will be iOS 10. Oddly enough unlike previous iOS builds, there hasn’t been much said about iOS 10 in terms of leaks or rumors.

Toyota uBox Concept Car Sports 3D Printed Dash

When it comes to cars, Toyota is one reliable brand that you can fall back on to ferry you and your family to and fro, without having to worry that they are riding in a “death box” as there is a fair number of safety features implemented in their rides, not to mention the reliability of their brand to boot. Not only that, Toyota has also done its bit for […]

BMW Celebrates Their 100th Anniversary With A Crazy Car Concept

If you were to look at some of the cars today compared to those say 30-40 years ago, they look downright futuristic. However the question is, what can we expect to see from car designers in the future, say 40-50 years later? Will cars still remain grounded? Will they be flying? Or maybe we’ll be zipping around in tubes instead of cars?

Goodyear 360-Degrees Tires For Autonomous Cars

No matter how expensive your car is, and all of the technology that comes with it, you know for sure that the car remains on the road simply because of the four tires that have some grip. Not only that, it would be these tires with the average surface of an A4 paper that remains in contact with the ground that keeps you going even at insanely high speeds. The […]

Renderings Show What The iPhone SE Could Look Like

There have been many rumors surrounding the upcoming 4-inch iPhone SE. Its display is said to be of the 4-inch variety, so the question here is are we looking at what is essentially a smaller iPhone 6? Or could we be looking at Apple sticking to the design of the iPhone 5? Or could it be that Apple might have something completely different?

Green Eudemon Forest Monitoring System Concept

Every single year, you will no doubt read of an incident of a forest fire happen somewhere around the globe – and in more severe cases such as in South East Asia, the open burning of plantations to clear the land has more often than not resulted in heavy smog and a thick blanket of haze. Firefighting efforts too, have been said to be hampered by drones in the past, […]