One For All Universal Multi Charger

Having trouble charging all your devices at one go? Well, the One For All Universal Multi-Charger can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, and you won’t have to use various power adapters to get the job done. Bundled with a bunch of interchangeable tips for your iPod/iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, miniUSB, LG, Samsung etc devices, it sports a LED indicator to let you know when the device is charging. So once the LED goes out, you know your device is ready to go, and the slot is shut down to save power. The turbo-charge technology used will also help you reduce charging time, as it claims to be able to charge a Nokia 5200 from 0-100% in 115 minutes, whilst the conventional charger would take 155 minutes. When no devices are charging, the One for All Universal Multi-Charger will only consume less than 0.5W. Do you think it’s worth its £59.99 ($96) asking price?


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