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iOS 12.3.2 Released With Bug Fix For Portrait Mode
If you’re an iPhone user and you’re encountering some issues with the phone’s Portrait Mode, then you might want to update your phone. This is because Apple has recently issued an update to its iOS operating system where it will bump it up to version 12.3.2. As you might be able to tell by the version number, this is less about new features and more about bug fixes.

How To Fix A Phone That Is Not Charging
Is your smartphone not charging? If this is happening to you, then check out our troubleshooting guide that will walk you through several steps and methods that you can try for yourself to see if it helps before sending it in for repair.

iOS 13 Will Allow Users To Capture Images From The Front And Back Simultaneously
On pretty much all our smartphones these days, there are cameras on the front and back of our phones. However, you can only capture images from either camera at once, but if for whatever reason you need to capture images simultaneously, you’ll be pleased to learn that the upcoming iOS 13 update will introduce multi-cam support.

iOS 13 Confirms That 3D Touch Will Be Removed From Future iPhones
According to some very persistent rumors, Apple could be removing 3D Touch from its future iPhones. It turns out that those rumors could be true because according to reports, those who have gotten their hands on the beta version of iOS 13 have discovered evidence to suggest that 3D Touch has indeed been removed from future handsets.


These Are The iPhones That Are Compatible With iOS 13
If there is something that Apple gets right, it would be with their software updates. This is because the company tends to support its devices for as long as possible, versus Android in which your mileage may vary from brand to brand, but typically you get about two years worth of updates.

iOS 13 Will Come With A More Intelligent Battery Charging System
A couple of years ago, Apple came under fire when it was discovered that they had been throttling their iPhones. The official reason was that Apple slowed down iPhones with aging batteries to prevent it from crashing, but many weren’t too thrilled that they weren’t at least given the option.

How To Share Your Google Calendar
If you work in an office and you’re in charge of the calendar for the year, sharing the calendar with the rest of your office is a good way to ensure that everyone is aware of upcoming events. This can also be used for schools or for homes, like organizing birthdays, reminding each other of upcoming events, family trips, and so on.

Leaked iPhone 11 Case Confirms New Camera Design
According to earlier leaks and rumors, Apple is expected to introduce a new camera design to its 2019 iPhones. Previously, Apple had opted to use a vertical camera orientation for its dual camera design, but if the rumors are true, Apple could introduce a triple camera setup to its 2019 iPhones.

Apple Increases iPhone Cellular Download Limit To 200MB
In the early days of mobile internet, data plans were relatively low. This is because our internet wasn’t quite as fast yet, and apps and media in general were still quite small. This meant that the need for a lot of data wasn’t there yet, and as such, companies such as Apple introduced limits where apps beyond a certain size could only be downloaded using WiFi.

Microsoft Excel On iPhone Can Add Data From Photos Into A Spreadsheet
A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced a new feature that would be coming to its Office apps on mobile, where through the use of AI, it would be able to capture an image, extract the data from that image, and put it into a spreadsheet. For example, if you had a printed list of phone numbers and names, taking the photo would let you tabulate that into Excel.

Your Apps Are Sending More Data Than Expected Back To Tracking Companies
If you’re someone who truly values their privacy, then a recent report from The Washington Post might come across a little upsetting. This is because according to the report, they teamed up with privacy firm Disconnect and found that your mobile apps are sending a ton of data back to tracking companies.

Apple Might Have An iPhone SE 2 Planned For 2020
While many might snub their noses at the iPhone SE, especially in the face of more impressive and newer models, the handset was actually quite a hit. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook state in the past how the phone did much better than what the company had projected. So much so that it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that a successor could be in the works.

Despite Everything, Huawei’s Founder Wishes No Ill Upon Apple
Huawei is the world’s second largest smartphone maker. This represents a huge source of pride for China where a few years ago, they were barely a blip on the smartphone industry’s map which was dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung. However, with the US government banning US companies from doing business with Huawei, this could pose serious trouble to the company.

iPhone 11 Might Come WIth Dual Bluetooth Audio Connection Support
One of the problems with Bluetooth is that not all devices support simultaneous connections. For example, the iPhone does not allow users to connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to it and a set of Bluetooth speakers. This means that if users would have to choose between either device for their music listening.