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Apple Will Be ‘Rolling The Dice’ On Its Upcoming Products
In the past Apple has typically been seen as an innovative company, but recently their products and offerings just feel more of the same, where they don’t seem to be paying any attention to what their customers want or are saying to them. If you’re hoping that this could change in the future, think again.

Samsung Could Supply Displays For Apple’s Rumored Foldable iPhones
According to various patent filings, it would all seem to suggest that Apple could be exploring the idea of a foldable phone. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise as Apple probably wants to see if such a device is viable, but it might not necessarily indicate that the company will actually make such a device themselves.

Apple Has An Idea On How To Prevent Flexible Displays From Cracking
Are foldable phones the future? That’s hard to say given that no one has one yet and it has yet to be decided if the concept is pure novelty or if it truly represents the next evolution in terms of smartphone design. While Apple has kept mum about their plans or thoughts on such devices, they have been quietly exploring the idea.

Analyst Claims The Worst Of Apple’s iPhone Sales Are Over
Earlier last month Apple announced that they would be revising their forecasts with regards to iPhone sales. This seemed like pretty bad news for the company, but notable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that the worst would soon be over for the company, and that seems to be what another analyst thinks as well.


Apple Co-Founder Is Worried About Apple Lack Of Foldable Phones
Several foldable phones made their appearance at MWC 2019 such as those from Samsung and Huawei. We also saw the likes of OPPO show off their prototype as well. However if there is one company that seems to be shying away from such devices, it would be Apple who doesn’t seem to be planning such devices anytime soon.

Mophie Juice Pack Access For The iPhone Now Available For Purchase
Apple’s iPhones aren’t exactly known for their particularly long battery lives. In fact, for the most part, smartphones in this day and age still don’t last as long as many of us would like, which is why powerbanks are still a pretty popular accessory. However, if you don’t fancy powerbanks and want a more elegant solution, Mophie might have something for you.

Apple’s 2020 A-Series Chipsets Will Be Built On A 5nm Process
When it comes to determining how powerful or efficient a chipset is, there are other things to look at besides just clock speed. The process that the chip is being built on matters, which is why while the layperson might not care how many “nm” a chipset is being built-on, the end result could be a faster and more efficient chipset.

Intel’s 5G Modems Will Not Find Their Way Into Smartphones Until 2020
Right now Qualcomm will pretty much have the market cornered when it comes to 5G modems. Intel is expected to toss their hat into the ring, but unfortunately it seems that Intel’s 5G debut might only happen in 2020 which means that for an entire year, they will have no choice but to cede market share to Qualcomm.

Apple’s iPhones Are Crushing The Competition In Japan
While Apple’s iPhones are currently not doing so well over in China, it appears that Apple is continue to dominate the Japanese market, and not in a small way either. According to the data from Canalys, it seems that Apple currently owns a 56% market share in Japan as of Q4 2018, putting it head and shoulders above the competition.

2019’s iPhones Could Incorporate The Use Of Frosted Glass
Apple’s iPhone X represented the company’s new design approach to their iPhones. This was later repeated and upsized with the iPhone XS and XS Max, but could Apple be planning a repeat in design this year? Apparently not, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claims that Apple might be making some design changes.

It Looks Like Apple Is Exploring Foldable Phones As Well
Foldable phones are set to be a pretty hot trend in 2019, and so far we know that companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi are exploring the technology and could possibly launch such devices. However it seems that even Apple could get in on the action, thanks to a recent patent which suggests that Apple could be exploring the idea well.

Apple Extends Its ‘Limited Time’ iPhone XR, iPhone XS Trade-In Deal
Last year Apple launched a trade-in program for the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS. The idea was to help drum up sales, but Apple had stated back then that this deal would be a limited time deal meaning that customers shouldn’t expect to see it available all year round. However as it turns out, Apple is now extending the deal.

Apple Releases Hilarious iPhone XR Commercial
Apple has really been pushing the iPhone XR. The iPhone XR represents Apple’s cheaper iPhone which would appeal to customers who might not otherwise want to spend $1,000 on the iPhone XS. The company has been launching all kinds of deals and discounts for the handset, and now they have also released a new commercial highlighting its capabilities.

Apple Rumored To Be Preparing Red iPhones Exclusive To China
Apple’s CEO has recently acknowledged that demand for the iPhone is weak and that China is one of the markets that the company is struggling in. However it seems that the company might have a way to turn things around by pandering to the Chinese market by launching a red iPhone XS and XS Max.